11 Most Genius Startup Explainer Video Examples in recent Times

11 Genius Explainer Videos of startups

      Are you a Startup? Looking for Explainer Videos to get inspired for your project? You came to the right place. We Thestartupvideo Team always hunt for best explainer videos where startups can learn and implement similar strategy for better ROI on top of Videos..

Why Startup Need an Explainer Video?

  • It became more Important Than a website. It is like a token for your business Process.
  • Explainer Videos help you fill any kind of form. Eg: Say if you fill your startup profile in angle.co, Techcrunch ( crunchbae ), etc. You always find a Video section to post about you.
  • Customers Know what you do in a minute, where even a 1000 page document can’t explain it.
  • Apply for any Startup competition? You need an Explainer Video.
  • Looking for Funding? Your investor will look into your video before giving an appointment. ( it worked in similar style for many of us)
  • Your website average visiting Time increase, bcoz of Explainer video on your Home page. Worth a lot in SEO

The list goes on and on…To know more click here

Main Factors for creating an Explainer video.

  • Keep it short:- and have a clear purpose
  • Keep it simple:- Make it less than 90 seconds. Short is better
  • Be Specific:-DOn’t talk about everything in your explainer video. Better mention one or two features to create hook in audience mind.
  • Demo your startup:- Show atleast a quick feel of the app for better understanding.
  • Problem & solution:-If you dont say what the problem customers face and a proper solution your startup going to offer. Audience are least bother about your startup.
  • Call to action:- Ask them to download the app or subcribe or register or anything which is appropriate for your startup.

Top 10 Explainer Videos released in last few months




Covve – Discover your warmest business leads

Facebook Community Standards



Animaker – Video Infographics Made Easy



All the above looks great is’nt it? But do you know, Creating similar style of videos are always a tough job for startups. Most of the time budget, Team efficiency or sometime even both. People who don’t have big budget should go for Explainer video softwares to kick start. Also investing on Studios will also help to stand out. Think where you fit, either creating of your own or getting help from experts ? It is always good to have one explainer video to start your startup Journey.

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