The story of an artist without an easel

Moloy Dey, is an Art College graduate. He always aspired for achieving a career that would give him creative freedom. He dreamt of becoming a fine artist, but also felt a strong urge for computer graphics and animation.

His life changed when he was offered a job by a well paying corporate company in computer graphics soon after completing his Masters in Visual Arts.

Moloy fell in love with the subject and started thinking, what can be done with computer graphics but he also realized that he was not the one who is going to take part in the rat race of corporate employment.

He regularly browsed the internet trends and aware of the advent of video. He noticed that businesses were looking forward to creating short videos to explain their product or services. Realizing the potential of that demand he quit his job in 2008 and launched his own company

PixelGenio is all about creating amazing animated explainer videos for business concepts. They help businesses to explain their product or services to their customers in a very fun and interesting way…something, that people would like to engage to.

At the start, their biggest hurdle was that no one knew about them. They struggled about 3 years working on low budget freelance projects. His efforts enhanced the online presence of his website and enabled it to show up on Google searches. At present they have achieved a page rank of 2.

Moloy says:

At we prefer to keep it small so that we can focus on quality rather than on volume. I do not want PixelGenio to turn into corporate company with robots all around ;)

We provide services to businesses all around the globe. With the advent of internet technologies like skype, gmail and FTP, we are able to maintain a very smooth communication with overseas clients.

With continuous improvement in online presence, they wish promote more reputed brands and can work towards creating amazing animated videos!

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