Animaker :First look of “The Video Infographics”.

Animaker, which turned up the trumps with the fame of “ an online tool for creating studio-quality videos” has a great news for everyone. It has launched “the video infographics”.

Video infographics: an introduction.

Data and statistics are an inevitable asset for everyone. (Marketers, Journalists, Teachers etc). It is a valuable insight which poses to be a foundation of every decision you take. There is a voluminous amount of data present but no proper method to relay this valuable information to the audience.

Video infographics is the new tool that surpasses the traditional powerpoint presentations and elaborate infographics. It is a combination of “video” and “infographics”, the two powerful tools of conveying information. It breathes life into the boring presentations and make information appealing, consumable and retainable.

Animaker’s Video Infographics: First look

Animaker has come all over again with new features, an extended library, updated assets, enhanced User Interface and many more exciting effects.

The latest theme has

  • 3000+ maps
  • 1000+ charts
  • 30+ bgm
  • Unique font styles
  • A whole new range of Pre animated assets
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • 900+ properties
  • Improved speed
  • Fully customizable
  • Maps:

    This category comes handy for journalists. Tiled animation, icon animation, destination animation etc are the types of maps offered in this section. You can select two locations and animate it parallelly too.


    Line charts, pie charts, Bar graphs. Dotted graphs, Area map, Numbers, Currency, tables…. There is a huge set of charts available in the library section. The data can be manipulated and customized by a single click.

    Pre animated assets:

    Now your animation becomes easier. Animaker has included a vast number of pre-animated lines, shapes, icons that adds professionalism in your work, yet take it less effort.

    Other Features:

    Your video can seem more alive with a new set of inspirational and merry bgms. All genres of music files are available in the updated set.

    That is not all. This is just a dime’s worth.

    Make most of the latest theme of Animaker’s Video Infographics. The good news is that you can work collaboratively on all the themes of Animaker to make best use of all the available options. To get started, Click here.

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