Top 5 Best Tools to Make Social Media Videos

5 social video apps

Last week, the shower fell on my head. It was a chilly morning. First, I thought it was frozen ice. Then, I realised the whole damn thing was broken.

I called the plumber. He came in at lightning speed. So quick that he forgot to take his tools. He was the finest plumber in town, but without the tools he was as good as my Neighbour Jerry.

The only difference between humans today and humans 10000 years ago is tools.

You might be a social media expert. You might have the creativity to make content that attracts attention. You might even have the insight to understand the trends. But without the right tools, you are only 1% of what you can be.

A lot of professionals don’t update their arsenal.

We find an amazing tool. We fall in love with it. And we keep on using it for years and years.

What if your Grandpa still used pigeons instead of Gmail?

Here is the 2017 list of must have tools for social media:

Live Video Maker – Shakr.


Small businesses and big brands are turning to social media video advertising for discovery, entertainment and brand awareness.

And with the number of video ad views totaling to 28.7 billion last year, you just can’t ignore it! However, as the cost for making video ads are too expensive, most marketers were still testing waters. Shakr changes all that. It is the missing piece of puzzle that saves the day here.

Shakr aims to help Small business owners ( real estate agents, car dealers, restaurant owners) to create video advertising campaigns for their marketplace at a very affordable price.

All you need to do is pick stock images from the application and drop them in the video creator. The output is a stunning HD video for your video ad campaign. Their templates are designed by graphic designers who have worked for brands like Nike and Samsung in the past.

You can also preview the HD-quality, non-watermarked video clips and themes before buying them.



Another popular social media app I have come across is WeVideo. Like Shakr, WeVideos also helps you create live videos. But the best thing I like about them is that you can capture and edit your video on your mobile on the go.
WeVideo boasts of giving full creative control to the users.Their main motto is that imagination should be the foundation of any kickass video. They make it very easy to create a great movie.

With features like photo animation, voice over, and clip transformation, screencasting etc, WeVideo seems no less than a mix of professional video editing tools within a single application.

WeVideo is the one stop solution for making anything from family videos to product demos. It can be used in both PC and smartphone.

Animated Videos: Animaker


Animated videos are underestimated.

While it cannot provide the richness of a real video, it has its own advantages.

It’s not just an app for explainer videos. In addition to having a huge list of awesome features to make cool animations, it can come to your rescue:

1. If your target audience is not from your country and you don’t have the money to hire a foreign actor.

2. When you want your imagination to make all the rules.

3. When you want to incite warm emotions while showing a factory or anything boring.

4. If you are catering to a statistics heavy topic.

5. If you want to make changes later.

Animaker edges out most other apps in the same segment thanks to 2 things:

Better Visuals: More lively characters in the app with new characters coming up all the time.

A constant update of features: Last year we came up with Video Infographics and this year we’ve already brought in Animaker Decks: which can convert your video into a slide show presentation. But our landmark innovation this year would be the addition of the world’s first vertical video maker. If you haven’t already, you should check it out now.

Video slideshows – Animoto


Like the 3 tools mentioned above, Animoto also has a unique feature- Video slideshows.

It gives you a video slideshow instead of a video as an output which is recreated out of free images, video clips or music clips. Animoto has patented Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology which makes all of this possible.

The company aims to help users make professional looking videos instead of poorly made camcorder video clips. And it turned out to be true when Animoto’s Facebook application launched in 2008 had nearly 750,000 people signed up in just three days!

If you want to create a video slideshow with an attractive mix of video clips, images and music clips, Animoto is a tool you need to try.



If you want to add a personal touch to their social videos, Magisto holds a big advantage. With their emotion sense technology, the tool automatically selects the best parts of the video and clubs it into a beautiful story that elicits emotion.

The patented emotion sense technology is said to work on three levels: Visual analysis, audio analysis and storytelling.

After a detailed analysis of the video, the tool identifies the main character of the video, the topic of the video and uses the emotion guided techniques to form a perfect story.

From personal videos to commercial ads, Magisto captures the core element of your video (the story) and makes it compelling to look at.

All with an easy-to-use interface with editing tools, captions, custom branding and pre- themed templates. Magisto has come a long way to be called a “smart video storytelling application”.

It’s a war out there. Having a good plan alone won’t be enough to stand out. You need to use the right tools as well. Remember, Iron man would be just talk and no show if he didn’t have the suit.

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