CreckJack – A whole new way to support content creators

CreckJack is an unique combination of social and crowd funding platform. This allows start-up to attract funding from sponsors to help and develop talents or to support their projects. At the same time, sponsors intend to receive cool rewards and get an access to exclusive content or rewards from the artists they are following.

We had a short interview with the CEO:

My name is Dima, I’m 24, and this is my friend Nick, he is 21, and we are founders of CreckJack. We are passionate about creative and beautiful things.

A year and half ago, I used to play guitar and Nick used to be a DJ.

We desperately needed money to buy new instruments. We went like a fast food chain restaurant to earn extra money so then we could afford for that. But then we realized that we are wasting our time while we could practice more and do what we like. This way the idea of CreckJack was born – to help talented people to share with people over the globe and find its followers.

It took a while to figure out the whole concept of CreckJack, gather the right people, to start coding and designing. But we managed to do this and right now we are almost ready to launch a beta-version. This is possible thanks to the whole team and especially to Nick Chernykh, Arseny Nikulchenko, Alex Musatkin and Adrey Rozumny.

The most problematic part was to find out the best possible UI design, so our users could really enjoy CreckJack and of course the name itself. We wanted the name to be unique and attractive. And now we are proud to be called CreckJack.

So this is our short story of how we had and having lots of fun. We truly like what we do and looking into the future with a big smile.We unite all content creators under one roof and help them to connect with their fans and followers.

CreckJack is a whole new way to support content creators. And one more thing, there is no time limit; you can run your campaign as long as you wish. Cool, ha? :)

Watch interview in the above video.

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