8 Growth hacking Apps for Startups who don’t have fund


Startup entrepreneurs often need to juggle many roles, ranging from administrative assistant and accountant to project manager and marketer. But thanks to technology – Nowadays, apps become more prevalent and more powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly.

And today things have become much smoother than before – Whether you want to create memorable presentations? Design awesome infographics? Manage team projects? Increase productivity or keep track of expenses?There is a wealth of apps available to help small businesses streamline their operation, some of which come with a free version to allow small businesses appraise their features before opting for a paid version.

Here’s our pick of eight cool and growth hacking apps for start-ups who don’t have funding:

1. Intercom.io:

This tool allows you to not only see your users’ behavior when they are using your online tools or apps, but it also helps you interact with them through popups while they are on specific pages or using specific features. This type of user interaction can help further your product development and customer service.

Price: Intercom ranges in monthly pricing packages from free to $99, depending on how many features you need.

2. Optimizely :

This service bills itself as “A/B testing you’ll actually use” and focuses on making testing as easy as possible. It allows you to track what you are actually interested in (as opposed to tracking information and data that you’re not going to use) and also allows you to set deadlines and run reports for specific timelines.

Price: Free starter plan and paid plan for enterprise

3. PR.co

Pr.co is a public relations toolkit that enables users to create online pressrooms, publish press releases, pitch them to media contacts, and manage PR content. Personal pressrooms contain all the users’ press releases, coverage, contacts, media, and company information. It enables users to attach high resolution images, videos, sounds, and documents on to their PR content. They also can import press contacts, distribute latest releases, personalize messages, and send mass emails.

Price: $ 300 per year for start-ups and 14 days free trial.

4. Animaker

Animaker is an intelligent video making DIY app, which simplifies the process of animated video making and presentation. Which makes you feel wow with the studio quality professional videos.

With Animaker, start producing online videos for internal business communication, content marketing, presentation, Explainer video, Demo video, social media marketing, e-Learning, video advertising, video Resume, Support/FAQ via video, and more purposes.

Price: Free to $39/month

5. Canva

Canva makes great graphic design within anyone’s grasp. It has hundreds of pre-designed layouts, elements, fonts and image styles that make it possible to design everything from a great Twitter header to a flyer for your business. It offers free design elements, but also allows you to buy premium elements piecemeal, for about $1 each (at the moment). It also keeps track of all your designs in your account, so you can re-edit or re-download them as needed.

Price: free or $1

6. Buffer:

Not everyone has the time to be online all day Tweeting and Retweeting their website updates and product developments. Here comes Buffer to solve your social media engagement issues! You just put up your best articles, share images and videos, and let Buffer do all the magic- it will auto-magically keep posting for you throughout the day. , Buffer app saves you from forgetting to send updates and from making your social media accounts looking dormant.

Price: free

7. Mention:

Media monitoring made easy with Mention. Which lets you manage online presence: create alerts on your company name, brand, competitor, and be updated in real-time about the most relevant over the web and react, get statistics, collaborate with your teams around them.

Price: One-month free trial and then choose plan that fits your need.

8. Survey Monkey:

As a startup, you would like to create a simple poll? or In-depth market research? SurveyMonkey offers a cloud-based online survey and questionnaire tool that helps users gather survey-related information.

You can access the library of sample survey questions and expert-certified templates. Which also lets you customize your survey questions, distribute your questionnaire on the web, and helps to collect responses in real time. The analyze tool helps you turn survey data into insights and create professional reports.

Price: From $25 and free basic version

All these above apps are great options for start-ups who don’t have fund. They even help to become more efficient and productive, freeing your man-hour.

Trying the app of free version is always a good idea to verify whether or not it works for you before investing in the paid version.

Is there a great tool you use that’s not on the list? Share it below and spread some startup love…

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