Airbnb Explainer Video Brings You Back to Childhood, Expensive Yet Truly Personal

Airbnb traditionally relied on social and word of mouth for building its consumer base. But recently, the company have eyed a bigger slice of the pie, with a bid to build its audience base beyond savvy early adopters.

The campaign is based around a short film, ‘Welcome to Airbnb’, and this video campaign sets out to explain what Airbnb does, exactly, in the most charming way possible.

Now see their behind the scenes peek at the making of “Welcome to Airbnb” video. Hope you enjoy the ride.

To produce this video, they spent five weeks 30 people building an 85-square-meter train set, with more than 2,400 craftsmen-hours spent creating the landscape. Also the work used 20 square meters of plywood, 12 liters of glue and more than 160 sheets of polyboard.

“The whole idea behind is to portray the world as a smaller place. It includes places from Australia, and from other parts of the world,” an Airbnb person said.

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