10 Tips on Writing a Explainer Video Script for Your New Startup (video #5)

      A well crafted explainer video can do wonders for a startup. In fact, the results of an effective video can outmatch those of an entire marketing campaign. The basis of a great video is a great script hence you need to make sure the script is as good as possible. Here are 10 tips on writing an explainer video script for your new startup.

1. Keep It Short

      The first and most important tip you have to follow is to keep the script short. The ideal length for an internet video is two minutes so don’t exceed it. The shorter it is, the more likely it is to attract viewers.

2. Start with the Message

      Put the message you want to deliver in the beginning of the video so the viewer is hooked immediately. Delaying it might cause the viewers to lose interest and click away.

3. Be Conversational

      Make the script formal but the tone should be conversational. The viewer shouldn’t think of it as information overload. Rather, the viewers have to be addressed in a friendly manner.

4. Empathize

      The key to forming a connection with your audience is by empathizing. Place yourself in the viewer’s shows when you are writing the script and imagine yourself viewing the video.

5. Don’t Fluff It Up!

      The length constraint makes it all the more important for you to keep the script fluff-free. Include only the message and other vital information you have to convey, nothing else.

6. Include Some Humor

      Internet users have a short attention span. Believe it or not, they can get bored during a two-minute video. Adding some humor to the video helps keep the viewers engaged and more importantly awake!

7. Brand It

      The video is for a new business, not an established brand. Hence, it is the perfect medium for you to create a brand presence. Make sure the video speaks for your brand and not just for you.

8. Solve a Problem

      People love getting solutions to the everyday problems they face. Be the problem solver by raising a problem in the video and then telling them how to solve it. The best way to go about doing this is explaining how your products can improve their lives and solve their problems.

9. Pace Yourself

      Keep the word count of the video limited to what a listener can digest within the given time frame. One of the reasons people lose interest is because the speaker is going too fast. Learn to pace yourself.

10. Add Call to Action

      It is very important that your video conclude with a call to action. Get the viewers to visit a website, call a number, join a Facebook page, etc. If you don’t add a call to action, the people are likely to shut the browser down once the video is over.

      These are 10 tips on writing an explainer video script for your new startup. There is no doubt that explainer videos are great for lead generation and increasing sales but only if they are made effectively. Getting the script right is your first step towards achieving that!

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