10 Twitter Vine Marketing Tips for every startups

Twitter Vine Marketing Tips

How to Maximize Marketing With Twitter’s Newest Addition.

      Inherently, startup companies face certain challenges that branded, well-funded companies simply don’t. Most startups have limited capital, which can negatively impact every facet of a startup company’s business, including marketing. Compounding this issue is the fact that most startup companies have a very small marketing base to begin with.

      Startups find themselves in a classic chicken and egg scenario. On one hand, with limited capital, startup companies aren’t able to invest enough money into marketing, and their promotional efforts end up suffering. On the other hand, if a company’s promotional efforts aren’t strong enough, then their revenue streams will dry up. Obviously, the key to success for startup companies hinges on being able to target an audience with effective campaigns that can be created inexpensively.

      There’s a new, exciting way that startup companies can find and build an audience without spending a lot of money. Enter Twitter Vine, stage left.

      As a quick introduction, Vine is Twitter’s video-sharing application which allows users to create short video clips that can be embedded into their Tweets. Just as Tweets are limited in size, Vine video clips are limited in duration, and cannot exceed 6 seconds. Similar to animated GIFs, Twitter Vines are posted as an endless loop. Due to the brief duration of Vine clips, companies have to find creative and effective ways to relay their messages quickly and with visual flair.

      The good news is that Twitter Vine marketing is accessible to all, making it perfect for startup companies. The creative uses of Twitter Vine promotion are limited only by a company’s imagination, not by its lack of financial resources.

Here are 10 tips that startup companies can use to gain popularity with Vine:

  • Use Twitter Vine marketing to show off your finished product line.
  • Use Twitter Vine to tease your audience with quick glimpses of your unfinished product line.
  • Twitter Vine clips can also incorporate audio, so use sound to your advantage. You can create Vines that asks questions, and opens the door for comments. Use sound to interact with your target audience.
  • Twitter Vine isn’t just a tool for effectively showcasing your products. Use Twitter Vine to showcase your company’s services as well.
  • Do you already have satisfied customers? Consider creating Twitter Vines that can serve as “live” testimonials from all those happy, shiny people.
  • Does your company use coupons, or have any seasonal offers to promote? Use Twitter Vine to show them off. Twitter Vine promotion for startups is a perfect way to get your customers to act before that coupon or special offer expires.
  • One of the most effective ways to reach an audience is to relate to them. Use Twitter Vine to show off the faces of your employees. Watching a 6-second clip of your assistant is a lot more exciting than having to read another boring ‘About Us’ web page.
  • While Twitter Vine marketing is great for connecting with your target customers, it’s equally adept at connecting with media distribution outlets. Expand your reach by creating Twitter Vine clips that are tailored to members of the press.
  • Twitter Vine promotion is perfect for social media distribution. Use the viral nature of the internet and distribute your Twitter Vine to bloggers that can subsequently spread it to others.
  • Create a “create your own” Vine contest. Ask your current customers to create a Vine that promotes your startup company’s products or services. Select the winning Vine clip and showcase it on your Twitter feed.
  •       Twitter Vine promotion for startups is one of the best ways to gain popularity, no matter how limited your resources might be.

          How has your startup company used Twitter Vine to find an audience?


  1. Sri says:

    Twitter vine has lot of opportunity towards creativity, it has 6 seconds of scope where this short time can do wonders. Twitter vine marketing gonna skyrocket. If we do it properly.

    16 more ways to do it

  2. Mathu says:

    Vine is great stop motion tool if wisely used, it can be the best marketing tool of 2013.

    Best part is it doesn’t need any big count budget, creativity and good time can do that.

  3. jimson says:

    According to me, a startup can do some great stuff using twitter vine.

    1. Vine Competition – Big way to enage huge clients.
    2. Video Series – SOmething useful or funny which can be sequenced for viewers engagement.
    3. Show People, office, New Product anything that is short and interesting to engage enough to go long.
    4. Finally, Stop sharing bunch of photos to instagram, start using this great stop motion tool which makes some great sense to watch.

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