Viral Video Script Writing Tips and Tricks (video #4)

      Viral videos are the ‘in’ thing. They go a long way towards helping businesses establish an online presence. Yet, simply making a video is not enough. The video has to be of a certain standard and quality to convince viewers to watch it. The best way to enhance the quality of your videos is by learning viral video script writing tips and tricks. There are actionable steps you can follow to learn how to make viral video script in no time at all and make killer videos.

Figure Your Message Out

      An extremely important tip for writing a viral video marketing script is to know exactly what you have to say. Often people have ideas that they want to convey to their audience but it does not have a definite shape. The idea keeps floating around in their mind and they try to put it on paper. With such a disjointed mindset, it is impossible for you to convey your message properly. So, before writing decide on what you want to say and exactly how you want to say it.

Choose the Type

      There are several types of videos you can make for your business, including animated, live action and music only. You have to decide the type of video you want to make so that the script is written accordingly. There are different considerations for the various types of viral videos which is why your decision is crucial. Make sure the type you choose works well with your intended audience.

Read Video Scripts

      You can gain valuable insight into how viral videos are written by reading scripts. This is extremely important if you have no prior experience of writing scripts for videos, viral or otherwise. You will get to see the kind of writing which is required and the guidelines that have to be followed. In short, this helps you get an idea of how viral videos are written. Also watch the videos for which the scripts have been written to have a better idea of how the writing is portrayed on screen.

Write the Script

      Once you are done with reading scripts, it is time to start writing. In the beginning, you can take the luxury of jotting down whatever comes to mind. You don’t have to follow a formal structure or be clear. Simply writing the draft gets you started off with the process. You will develop a flow after a while and the words will come flying out.

Read & Edit It

      The ideal length for a viral video is two minutes, which means roughly 300 words. Read the draft you have written to make sure there is no fluff or content that offers no value to the viewer. Edit it and cut down the wordage and verbosity. A catchy and punchy viral video requires a concise script which carries the message for the business and other vital information, nothing else. This is the kind of script that helps you engage the audience.

      These are actionable steps you can follow to write a killer viral video script.

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