6 Ways to Improve Your Written Script (video #3)

      So, you are trying to write a script for your business’ explainer video. For someone with any experience of script writing, the job would not be too difficult. On the other hand, beginners are bound to make some mistakes which ruin the impact and quality of the video altogether. Anyone can make errors, for that matter. Hence, it is crucial to have a script writing checklist for you to check your script against. Here are six things a great script must have.

1. The Language

      Write your video in the language your audience is familiar with. You cannot use technical or business jargon with laymen. They wouldn’t have any inkling what you are talking about and are likely to turn the video off than watch it till the end. It is a classic example of the message getting lost in translation. This is most important for businesses in professions with their distinctive vocabularies, like medicine and law.

2. The Content

      An explainer video is meant to explain something. There is a difference between explaining to the audience what your business and its products do and praising them. People can see through the self-praise immediately and you don’t retain credibility in their eyes. Focus on the content and make it valuable to the viewer. In short, the content should compel people to watch the video.

3. The Length

      The length of your script is a double-edged sword. You have to make sure the video is not too long as the audience would lose interest and click away. At the same time, you have to ensure the number of words being spoken by the narrator/actor is easily comprehendible for the audience. Talking too fast or being verbose is not the way to go about improving your written script.

4. The Medium

      Animated videos seem to work for all ages but an infographic is unlikely to attract young audiences. There are several types of videos you can choose from and the script has to be written accordingly. You have to decide whether there will be spoken dialogue or the information would be in the form of text and images only.

5. The Message

      You have to work out the message you want to convey to the audience. There is a difference between saying you are the best at what you do and that you can solve the problems the viewers have. The viewers are more likely to be impressed by the latter. The message should be the basis of the script and included in the first few lines.

6. The Call to Action

      Last, but certainly not the least, you need to put in a call to action. Else, you don’t have anything to gain. You have to ask the audience to do something. They are likely to just close the video and move on to something else if you don’t do so. Ask them to visit your website, join your Facebook page, call you, etc.

      This is a script writing checklist you can follow when writing an explainer video for your business. These are the 6 things any great script must have.

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