Types of Script Writing: Choosing the Best to Engage Your Clients (Video #2)

      Explainer video production works pretty much like a movie production. You need a strong and engaging script first. Whether or not the audience can be engaged depends on the quality of the screen play and viral script writing with humor. However, depending on your marketing message and the type of video you want, the style and type of script vary greatly from video to video.

      Knowledge and understanding of different types of script writing proves extremely helpful in writing a killer script that best engages your clients. You always have the creative freedom to experiment but here are some of the most common types of script writing you can choose from.


      Storytelling script is one of the most common types of script writing and it can go along with almost any kind of video. Apart from its versatility, the reason it is very popular is because it engages the audience without sounding too pitchy or pushy. It is extremely beneficial for startups as it can serve as a very compelling introduction that is professional but not too formal or serious.

      Story telling script also works great when selling a product or service that provides a solution to a common problem faces by the target audience. With a story depicting a problem they can relate too, the audience will definitely respond to the call to action.

Live Action

      Like most of the television ads/commercials we see, Live action videos make use of real people. A script is written and the performers deliver the lines which are recorded on camera. In this regard, the people will start the conversation on behalf of your business. You can restrict the scale of production to keep costs down, something you have to factor in when writing the script.

      Getting people to talk to your audience is perhaps the best way to get your message across unadulterated, but without catchy lines and bits of humor, it might become boring or even annoying. It all depends on the quality of the writing. Yet, this is not the kind of script you can use again and again.


      A testimonial comes in handy if you want to keep the budget of your video to a minimum. All you need is a person speaking about your business in a positive light, sharing his/her experiences. The key is to get a person who falls into your target audience rather than someone chosen at random. Hearing from someone about your business can convince other people to check out your products as well. Testimonials must sound honest, credible and believable and that is exactly why you should restrict their use to once or twice.

Music Only

      The script for your business video can be based on music only. It’s a language universally understood as well as appreciated. The music plays in the background as text and other images related to the business come up on screen. Usually, the music is used as a directing tool to maintain a certain flow throughout the video. However, this kind of script requires a very well-made video whose impact is not hindered by the absence of narration.

Infographic and Statistics

      A script for video featuring infographic and statistics is typically the same vain as for music only videos. However, you can opt for a narration or voiceover to guide the viewers through the information being shown to them. This type of video is ideal for a business which wants to show financial data and other facts & figures to their target audience.

      These are the types of script writing you can opt for when making a video for your business. If used effectively, all these videos can help engage the audience.

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