7 Easy Steps to Write a Script: How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script (Video #1)

      Explainer videos have become powerful marketing tools. However, they are not just about attractive animation and amazing visuals. The reason demo videos do not take a whole lot of time to capable of creating a greater impact in the shortest time is because they make the best use of pictures as well as words. That is why script is one of the main elements of explainer videos.

      However, when creating startup animated videos, entrepreneurs often lose the plot and their focus deviates from the script.Without the knowledge of step-by-step writing techniques or script writing tips, all of their endeavors become fruitless and the video fails to deliver the desired results.
If you are investing in an animated explainer video and want it hit the target, keep in mind these seven easy steps for writing a powerful script.

1. Reach Out For Research

      Research is the first and foremost step for script writing for any kind of business. It is extremely important to know your business as well as your market. You must keep in mind your target demographic and try to learn about things they want to know rather than what you want to tell. You can use social media surveys, polls forums and even more formal research methods to get a better understanding of how you can make your message appealing for your audience.

2. Watch the Competition

      This phase requires a good amount of research once again. Knowing what your competitors are doing is also a good way to determine the direction you must be heading. Watching videos created by your competitors is a great way to learn the kind of script writing required for a startup business. Make notes while watching the videos, understand the way the message is delivered, extract ideas and points you need to emphasize and learn how it appeals to the viewers.

3. Compile the Points

      Now that you have enough knowledge and information, it’s time to gather and sort it out. Put the points you have collected down on a piece of paper. They should cover everything ranging from the business, its products, its goals and its target market. The competitors’ videos will enlighten you as to the additional information which needs to be provided to the viewers so use that to add to the list.Once you think your list is complete, shuffle the points up and place them in order of priority.

4. Create Idea from Message

      While a script should be kept short and simple, it does not mean you should plainly and bluntly say it outright. You need to say it in a way that appears attractive and appealing.Now that you have a complete and clear list of points and priorities, think of an original and creative way to deliver the message. This step might require the most of your time and efforts. This is also where you turn a simple marketing message into a creative idea that sells. Once again, the key is to stay creative and original.

5. Determine the Tone & Style

      Before you start writing the first draft, it is important to determine the tone and style that will best suit your video. These explainer videos must necessarily be interesting and appealing but that does not mean you have to be all chitty-chatty and casual. You must research several popular styles of script writing. Remember, while you must reach out to your audience on a personal level, it is extremely important to sound professional.

6. Write the First Draft

      With a focus on the idea you have crafted out of your message, write the first draft of your script. You don’t need to spend too much time over. You have to keep it simple and you would have to edit it later. Make sure you add the information you have compiled, not missing out on anything. Keep in mind the tone you chose and make sure your words go with that tone as well as the visuals that play. Once the draft is complete, read it at least two times and cut down any content which feels out of place.

7. Add Humor

      Now that you have cut the script down to its bare bones, it is time to add a dash of humor to it. This ensures the viewers don’t feel bored at any point. Even if the video is around two minutes in length, you want the viewers to pay full attention to what is being said. However, make sure the humor in the script translates well onscreen.

      These are seven easy steps to write a great explainer video script. Following these tips, you can write a script which will be the basis of a great explainer video. It is not as difficult as you thought, is it?

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