12 Types of explainer Videos to choose for startups

12 Types of explainer Videos

      Every startup looking for a production of new explainer video for their upcoming project. Have a big question on what to choose? How to select the best one? Which perfectly fit your budget? Finally where to find the animation studio who can deliver a master piece. Also there are few new explainer video softwares pops up and make the video even affordable for huge audience.

      I hope this article spark some ideas for you if you’re stuck.

      Types of Explainer video

  • 2D animation
  • 2.5D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live Action
  • Whiteboard
  • Typography
  • ScreenCast
  • Stop Motion
  • Infographic
  • Ipad/ IPhone Apps
  • Music -Only
  • Testimonial

2D Animation

      One of the most famous and widely used model to explain any startup idea. This videos perfectly fit in low budget and very easy to make. so it became a all time destination for any new startups.

Budget : starting $1000 to $5000
Studios excels in 2D : Bode Animation, Demo Duck, LooseKeys

2.5D Animation

      2.5D is the combination of 3D objects and 2D images in same platform to make the video more appealing. This model of production is bit different from actual 2D which comes with more time consuming and high budget.

Budget : $5000 to $10K
Studios excels in 2.5D : Grumo, Bode Animation, SwitchVideo

3D Animation

      3D diffenitely time consuming and expensive. But for sure this type of video standout from rest of the 2D demo

Budget : $10K to 30K
Studios excels in 3D : Epipheo, Tadapix

Animaker : Make Your own Animated Videos (Promoted)

      Animaker.com is a cloud-based do-it-yourself (#DIY) animation video making software that is bringing studio quality professional tools within reach of everyone.

Animation video using Animaker

Live Action

      Live action is nothing but a live video which recorded using a video camera with real people. It needs perfect setup like crew, actors, editors, production process, etc. But It can be even done in small budget. It is almost similar to TV marketing videos.

Budget : $1K to $50K
Studios excels in Liveaction : DemoDuck, Bode Animation, SandwichVideo, Sway Production


      2012 most famous and preferred video type especially in startup networks. The whole idea is drawing a sequential images and text in a whiteboard matching the voice over and explaining the whole concept.

Budget : $3k to $10k
Studios excels in whiteboard : Bode Animation, Ydraw

Kinetic Typography

      Words speak a lot. Typography is the preferred mode of sharing inspiring text in sequential way. This videos are quite creative and inspires a huge audience.

Budget : $1K to $5k
Studios excels in Typograpghy : Bode Animation, veracitycolab, blinktower

Animated Screencast

      Most simple and easiest way to develop. Even startups can create their own.

Budget : $500 to $1k


      Step by step screens taken using real objects and video camera to get a excellent crafted video. The process is quite tough and very expensive.

Budget : $15 to $50k
Studios excels in Stopmotion : piehole.tv, Epipheo, Barq Video


      Fluid motion of statistics, numbers, Images, text in most loveable way to attract viewers. This video is preferred in showing big list of financial data, facts, figures, etc.

Budget : $1k to $5k
Studios excels in infographic : Simple Story videos, Think Video, Bode Animation

iPhone / iPad Apps

      The whole video is played inside a video widget which makes easy for any mobile startup to explain the idea behind the concept.

Budget : $2k to $6k
Studios excels in Mobile Apps : Bode Animation, Tiny loud, Explania

Music Only

      It is similar to typography and infographic with text and image flows with music to explain the whole idea of the startup.

Budget : $1k to $10k


      Oldest but quite best way to impress viewers where a good looking male or female share their whole experience about your startup in front of a camera. Budget can be reduced to minimum by making real people with some handy camera to complete this project.

      Suggest in comments if you have created a different style of video making to any startups.

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