10 Best Powerpoint Alternatives For Killer Presentations

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Are you bored with the standard powerpoint presentations?

Do you feel you need to try something new and impress your audience?

Well, do not worry, mate!

If you are searching for a Powerpoint alternative in the market, something that elevates your creativity and handholds you to improve your presentations, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve outlined the top 10 PowerPoint alternatives currently on the web, giving a detailed breakdown of each one’s special features and costs.

Let’s dive in

  • Google Slides

  • Zoho Show

  • Animaker Deck

  • Prezi

  • Visme

  • Keynote

  • Slidebean

  • Beautiful.ai

  • Genially

  • Slides

1. Google Slides

The most popular PowerPoint alternative that excels at collaboration is Google Slides.

Anyone with a Gmail account can access it straight from their mobile devices and laptops/PCs. There is a good level of usability. It is simple to use and can be picked up by any Google user.

Online forums with self-service features and open communities are also available for customer support. Therefore, consumers do not need to concern themselves with problem-solving.

Real-time collaboration, a user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with all Google Web Applications are all features it offers.

 Special Features:

  • Sharing: To add videos to the presentation, use a Google Drive or a YouTube link. You may create slides more quickly and precisely by using aids like Smart Compose and autocorrect.

  • Collaboration: Google Slides’ primary feature is collaboration. Multiple people can edit a presentation at once, and new slides can be added. Since Google Slides keeps track of all the changes users have made to a presentation, you can easily revert your slideshow to a previous version.

  • Templates: Users of Google Slide have access to a wide selection of editable templates. However, compared to PowerPoint, fewer templates, animation forms, and typefaces are available.


Google Slides is available in the following plans:

  • Personal – Available for free to all Google Account holders. Under this plan, users get up to 15 GB of storage size.
  • Business Starter - $6 USD per user per month with 30 GB storage capacity and standard support.
  • Business Standard – premium plan at $12 USD per user per month with a 2 TB storage size available under this plan.
  • Business Plus, at $18 USD per user per month, with a whopping 5 TB storage capacity per user and a paid upgrade to Enhanced support services.

There’s also an Enterprise plan specially catering to corporates for custom and secure business email addresses providing as much storage as you need.

2. Zoho Show

One of the best contemporary presentation tools that can be found online is Zoho Show. Creating aesthetically appealing presentations for any device is its main purpose.

 Special Features:

  • User-friendly UI: Zoho Show’s Unique Characteristic is the User Interface. Its primary feature is the contextual and minimalist user interface of Zoho Show, which enables you to build presentations in your manner.

  • Templates: It comes pre-loaded with more than 100 expert presentation templates appropriate for sales presentations, pitch decks for new businesses, etc.

  • Central Presentations Database: You can collaborate to create a presentation using Zoho Show. It contains a central presentation repository that facilitates retrieval of prepared presentations and greatly facilitates team cooperation.


There is no charge to use Zoho Show. You only need a working email address or phone number to get started.

3. Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck is the first avatar-powered presentation tool in the world that allows users to quickly and easily create impressive slide shows without any prior professional training.

 Special Features:

  • Character Builder: The Character Builder, which allows you to design your own avatars and utilize them as brand ambassadors or mascots, is the best feature of Animaker Deck. The pre-made animated figures can also be used in your slide presentations to give them life.

  • Specialized templates: Choose from more than 50 handcrafted, original presentation templates available on Animaker Deck to build a pitch-worthy deck. A presentation can also be made entirely from scratch.

  • Customizable Backgrounds: The background of the slide deck can be completely customized to fit your presentation needs and taste.

  • Other Integrations: Additionally, users can access stock photos and GIFs via Pixabay, Giphy, and Unsplash.


Animaker Deck is available in the following pricing plans.

  • Free plan – Users of the free plan only need to register for a free account in the app to produce presentations.

  • Slides Pro – Users can import PPT files with the $20 per month Slides Pro plan, including all other premium packages.

  • Animaker Pro – The whole animation suite, as well as limitless slides, premium bundles, priority support services, and the ability to import PPT, are all included in the $49 per month Animaker Pro plan.

  • Enterprise Plan – With unlimited custom character creation, a dedicated account manager, and all the features offered by the Animaker Pro Plan, the Enterprise plan is designed with modest to large enterprises in mind.

4. Prezi Present

Prezi Present is another top powerpoint alternative available online.

Prezi includes intelligent structures feature that lets the user quickly arrange the presentation’s elements using click-and-drag techniques.

Users may find it challenging to comprehend Prezi’s user interface initially. As a result, there would be a learning curve before users could effectively utilize the Prezi app’s full capabilities.

 Special Features:

  • Zoom-revealing function: When you begin your presentation, you zoom in, revealing your content as you do so, providing the necessary information in a non-linear manner, much like a tale.

  • Presentation in Conversation: Prezi is a conversational presentation tool that minimizes switching back and forth between slides constantly.

  • Over the video: Over the video is another essential Prezi tool. Users can display their material and videos on the same screen. In remote meetings, this keeps the human connection going and makes the presentation much more compelling.


  • Free Trial – Prezi Present offers 14 days free trial and gives access to other Prezi products as well.

  • Premium – Users can upgrade to a premium subscription available as Basic, Individual, Business, and Student/Educators plans.

  • The premium plans start from $7 to $16 per month. In addition, students and Educators can subscribe to the premium plan starting at $3 per month and get access to track progress in class.

5. Visme

Another well-known presenting tool for making interactive papers, presentations, data visualizations, and other branded content is Visme.

 Special Features:

  • Templates: The users of Visme can choose from pre-built presentation templates in various genres to successfully construct an engaging presentation.

  • Library: The library of Visme contains a wealth of resources that users can simply add to their presentations with just a few clicks, including icons, properties, stock photos, motion graphics elements, and data visualization elements.

  • Transitions and Animations: Users of Visme can apply Animations and Transition effects to the slide deck’s content. This makes the audience more engaged in the lecture.


 Visme offers the following plans:

  • Free basic plans are offered.

  • The starter plan is $12.25 a month for 12 months.

  • Pro plan for $29 per month yearly

6. Keynote

Apple’s Keynote presentation app is available to Apple users directly from the App Store.  With its robust tools and eye-catching effects, the Keynote software makes it simple to produce outstanding and memorable presentations.

Keynote’s user-friendly, intuitive interface is easy to use and immediately includes all the necessary capabilities.

Special Features:

  • Illustrations: On their iPads, users can use the Apple Pencil to draw schematics or illustrations that bring the presentations to life.

  • Instantaneous collabs: Regardless of the device type, the Keynote app offers a real-time collaboration that enables the teams to work together (Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC). Each team member contributes to creating the presentation’s lovely charts, customized pictures, and dramatic effects.

  • Moving backgrounds: Keynote provides dynamic backgrounds that make it easier to make professional presentations. Additionally, you may include over 700 Apple-designed shapes, images, movies, music, image galleries, and charts to support your presentation’s key points.


The Keynote app is available for free download and usage from the App Store.

7. Slidebean

Slidebean is the go-to powerpoint alternative for developing a pitch that will appeal to investors.

 Special Features:

  • Pitch Deck Builder: Slidebean’s Pitch Deck Builder works on the basis of Artificial intelligence and comes in handy to create stories that stand out from the bland crowd.

  • Large Toolkit: The complete toolkit in Slidebean’s Pitch Deck Builder helps users create a beautiful pitch deck. Startups with limited resources may make a beautiful pitch using Automated Pitch Deck Builder in just a few simple steps.

  • Templates: Top brands like Airbnb, Uber, and Peloton are the foundation of Slidebean’s thoroughly tested and venture-winning templates. The best pitch deck templates from more than 300 of the most prosperous venture-backed firms are already pre-loaded into this presentation tool.


Slidebean offers the following plans,

  • Unlimited presentations, free startup classes, access to free document templates, and a monitor for accelerator programs are all included in the Basic Plan, which costs nothing each month.

  • Everything in the Basic Plan is included in the $171 per year All-Access Plan, which also provides access to 30,000+ investor contacts, sharing and exporting of presentations, and much more.

8. Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is intended to assist bootstrapped businesses in building pitch-winning decks.

 This innovative presentation creator has helped thousands of entrepreneurs close deals and secure funding.

Even novice users and those without prior knowledge of graphic design may readily produce presentations because of the user interface’s simplicity.

 Special Features:

  • Unique Branding: The essential features of the Beautiful.ai presentation creator include Powerpoint import, Version history, Stock media collection, and Custom Branding of slides.

  • Collaboration: Teams can brainstorm ideas and work harmoniously in a collaborative workspace.

  • Templates: Any entrepreneur may alter their slide decks to suit their needs and tastes using customizable templates.


The following plans are available,

  • Pro Plan, which starts at $12 per month, is appropriate for single users. Every feature of the Pro Plan is included in the Team Plan, which has a central slides library and starts at $40 per user each month.

  • For corporations, the Enterprise Plan offers unique pricing, unlimited team resources, and all of the features of the Team plan.

  • For sporadic tasks, a monthly plan with a single presentation creation option is also available for $45 per month.

9. Genial.ly

Genial.ly makes it easy to create interactive presentations with expertly designed slides, dossiers, reports, business ideas, and persuasive pitches.

 With the help of pre-made templates or from scratch, Genially is an online tool for creating inventive presentations.

 Special Features:

  • Cloud Storage: Genially automatically stores presentations it creates on the cloud. Therefore, any modification will be immediately updated.

  • Gamification: Additionally, Genially templates provide a Gamification option that allows users to use the presentation templates only for simple Q&A slide decks or quiz-style presentations.

  • Templates: With the best templates, Genially assists users in creating presentations that focus on storytelling. Users may also customize the slide designs with their own logos, colors, and fonts to match their business identity.

 Pricing:  Generally, the following plans are available.

  • Unlimited presentation creation is available with the free plan, but features are limited.

  • The monthly price for the education package is $4.99, invoiced yearly.

  • The monthly cost for the master plan is $20.82, payable yearly.

10. Slides

An online toolkit for making contemporary presentations is called Slides. Contrary to standard presentation software, nothing needs to be downloaded.

 Slides make it simple to put together expert slide decks and collaborate with others to produce awe-inspiring presentations.

The user interface on Slides is really welcoming. Even beginners can use the editor once they get going because of how simple it is designed.

 Pricing plans:

The following plans are available for the Slides app’s price. ,

  • The free plan provides access to limited presentation creation. Ads will be present, but the content will be accessible to everyone. Additionally, customers receive 250 MB of storage space for up to five decks.

  • The Lite plan’s monthly price, invoiced annually, is $5. It has an export to pdf function, 1 GB of storage, and one collaborator per deck.

  • Pro plan pricing begins at $10 per month when paid annually. In addition to limitless storage, it has a Google Analytics feature, custom CSS, and three collaborators per deck.

  • The team package, which includes functions like limitless collaborations, a shared media library, and personalized branding, starts at $20 per month when paid annually.

Special Features:

  • Free software: The only presenting tool that is entirely open-source is called Slides. You have access to the entire source code for your presentation.

  • Customizations: Presentations can be created using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML formats. rich CSS customization options.

  • Team Editor: With the customizable editor provided by Slides, you can quickly update the materials and themes used by your business, as well as post comments, get feedback, and receive notifications when working with others.

Additionally, a media library filled with stock photos, movies, and presentation designs is available to improve the efficiency of your entire team.

And that’s all for now!

In conclusion, PowerPoint performs the same functions as all of these presentation tools. However, with capabilities like character builder, live collaboration, cloud storage, and automated saving, these powerpoint alternatives are still more clever, cutting-edge, and less expensive.

 We trust that we have spared you from death by PowerPoint.

Now don’t wait anymore! Present your ideas in an effective way with these top PowerPoint alternatives.

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