Top AI Video Editors to Try in 2024

top ai video editor in 2024

Forget spending hours meticulously editing video. AI video editors are revolutionizing the process, automating the editing functions and enabling creators to achieve the “shortest time to content” possible.

But with a growing number of AI-powered options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. The key lies in finding an editor whose AI features align with your editing goals.

Whether you’re aiming for polished explainer videos, engaging social media clips, or something entirely different, AI can become your secret weapon.

In this article, we look into the top 3 AI video editors of 2024. These products have been chosen based on their popularity and their success in helping creators ‘’automate’’ video editing.

Here’s a quick comparison

quick comparison

quick video editor comparison

While these three video editors began as comprehensive suites offering a full range of editing functions, they’ve all incorporated AI features in recent updates to fasten up the editing process.

This means they cater to both manual editing styles and those seeking an AI-powered workflow. However, for this article, we’ll focus specifically on how each tool utilizes AI to enhance your editing experience.

1. Vmaker AI

Vmaker AI video editor was launched in the early part of 2024 on Product Hunt (#3 Product of the Day). It comes with 4 groundbreaking AI functionalities. There are all the necessary editing tools included as part of the video editing suite along with a screen recorder for content creation.

Raw to WoW

Raw to WoW

You upload a Raw video and Vmaker AI will turn it into a publish-ready WoW video by adding relevant B-rolls, Background music, transitions, subtitles, intro/outro, text animations and more.

Highlights maker

Highlights maker

Vmaker AI creates a highlight from a long video by intelligently analyzing the video. This highlight video may be used for promotions, added to the start of the longer version of the same video. This usually gives quick context to the viewers.

Long to short form

Long to short form

Vmaker AI can turn your long videos into short videos for instagram reels, Tik Tok, YouTube shorts. These videos are less than 120 seconds long. The short video is made crisp and engaging with subtitles, transitions, B-rolls, text highlights etc.

AI video background remover

AI video background remover

Vmaker AI video background remover automatically detects the main subject of your video and the background of your video separately. Then, it erases the background even if it doesn’t have a green screen background.

Viral editing style

Viral editing style

Vmaker offers templated editing styles that are inspired from popular creators of different video genres. You select an editing style from the collection and the editing styles is applied to your video. This includes intros/outros, subtitles, B-rolls, text animations, all just like how the popular creator of the style would do.

2. offers comprehensive video editing and content creation tools. It has a powerful AI editor called Magic Cut along with a host of other AI features.

Magic cut

Magic cut

Magic cut on essentially uses AI to remove the pauses, umms, Ahhs and stutters in the audio. This is fundamentally the first step in editing a video that has a voice over. It works fairly accurately on and saves a ton of time in preparing the first cut of the video.

Eye contact correction

Eye contact correction

Another standout AI edit performed by is eye contact correction. It works really well for talking head videos. Essentially it’s a video of a person speaking in front of the camera. If he is seen looking at the script, no worries, it can be corrected effortlessly on

AI Avatar also has a host of other AI features that help you create videos from scratch. For example, video from prompt, text to speech spoken by an AI avatar, and voice dubber.

AI Avatar

These features are excellent for creating content from scratch. However, they’re not for you if you’re trying to edit a video footage.

3. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is also a comprehensive editor that offers an interesting AI editing called Autocompose.


With autocompose, you upload all the chunks of footage to Clipchamp, tell clipchamp your preferred style (or let it pick itself), select video duration from 30, 60 seconds or entire duration of the video and hit on go.

Clipchamp edits the video and gives an output video with color correction, background music, transitions etc.

It doesn’t add subtitles. However, you can open the video within their editor and add subtitles.

Which one should you choose based on what AI offers?

Vmaker AI: Streamlining editing champion

  • Raw to Wow feature helps in creating publish-ready full length videos in minutes. Ideal for creators who create videos for Youtube.
  • Long to Short Form and Highlights Generator features are perfect for transforming full length videos into engaging social media snippets. The AI Content Creation Studio

  • Go beyond editing with’s AI features that empower you to create content from scratch.
  • AI Avatar allows you to craft professional talking-head videos, making it a great tool for training materials.

Clipchamp: Simple yet powerful

  • A solid choice for basic yet effective editing and repurposing video content.
  • Autocompose offers a quick and easy way to add polish to your videos.

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