How to wisely use Dogs in Startup videos?

Many animals are appreciated as cute, cuddly and friendly. Dog is one such kind.
Their innocence emotionally touches our inner child and our empathy. Even if we are not a dog lover, we are still able to look at a dog video and appreciate its humour and the creativity that had penetrated into its concept.

You know that dogs are the current darlings of marketers. We are in an era where people are looking for an exceptional association with companies and brands and most find dogs endearing.


The dog power

Dogs are popular and just plain irresistible, because they are,

  • An epitome of simplicity.
  • A symbol of energy.
  • Enthusiastic and motivated round the clock.
  • Transmit a thought of freshness.

When the positives are so many, why not use dogs in your startup videos.


Dogs can lock attention

Our primary goal is to lock the attention of the target customer. In the first place, realize that your customer is sick and tired of watching thousands of ads in TV, mobile phones, hoardings and posters on the road. To make that fatigued consumer spring up from his couch, imagine a video showing a beautiful chocolate Labrador retriever running over a green pasture. People who have an affinity towards dogs stop a moment to take a look. And when that happens, your video has successfully scaled an incredibly challenging hurdle.


Dogs can evoke emotions

You have made your customer notice your video. You have crossed half the bridge. Now, you ought to lock your video in his memory. All you need to do is- engage his emotions. Generally, dogs evoke warm emotions. So you can simply achieve it, by recalling his childhood pet experience with a tint of amusement. You have triumphed in showering your customer in an emotional rush. Job well done. The customer can effortlessly summon back your ad from his memory, and decides to buy your product. What can be better than this?


Dogs can build Trustworthiness

Nowadays, everyone wants to spend their dollars, rightly. If you intend to be recognised by your customer for your genuineness, you need to register that feeling in his mind in first place. It is an universally acknowledged truth that dogs are the faithful, best friends of humans. Man trusts his best friend. So, the dog can help as an agent to the customer to take that crucial and final decision by recommending your product as a trustworthy product. As it is a known fact that, dogs are a source of security and are our protectors, people believe that it won’t let them down.


Big Brands Adopt Dogs in Videos


The Most Viral Advertisement of 2003- Hutch



Winner of Best Ad Award 2011- Lotto Dog



Volkswagen Woofwagen dogs advertisement 2013



A real treat to startups who are dog-lovers

Watch some of the dog videos to best know how dogs can be smartly handled to convey your marketing message.


Dog recommends HousePlans


Dog reinforces environmental messages- P.O.O.P(Protect Your Only Planet)


Dog endorses its Toy

However, this is not an exhaustive list. Share some of the best dog videos that we have missed out in the comment section below.

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