Startups Mentored by Chennai Entrepreneur Have Raised in Excess of $30M – An Interview with Aspire Swaminathan

Learning never stops. But many a times, listening to experiences, perhaps, gives you the luxury of not going through the learning curve to gain expertise and be very successful in the chosen area.

There are great entrepreneurs out there who have gone through enough to reach a stage of impacting global economy. It’s a life time opportunity for startups to listen to every one of them. Now, you are going to listen to one such Mentor and a Serial Entrepreneur from Chennai, Aspire Swaminathan, the Founder and CEO of Aspire Ventures who has been helping startup companies to create world class businesses through his startup2scalup initiative.

In an exclusive interview to, Swaminathan shared his views and insights on Startups, Entrepreneurship and Chennai as the next favourable destination for budding companies.

Highlights from the Interview

      • Swaminathan uses his immense business experiences to mentor budding entrepreneurs and predominantly focuses on startup entrepreneurship.
      • A special initiative for startups called startup2scaleup founded by Swaminathan shapes up budding entrepreneurs with great business ideas. In simple words, channelizing from the very early stage of a great idea to making it a grand reality.
      • Popularly known as Aspire Swaminathan, he is now mentoring around 20 startups from chennai and a few of them have raised over $30M in the last two years.
      • How do you know that your idea is great or not? You can arrive at a conclusion by sharing your idea with others and talking about it to more people, says Swaminathan.
      • Your idea is just an idea until you have the right team to execute it which he calls as Mastermind Alliance.
      • “He says that it doesn’t stop if you just solve a problem of your customer. To build up a great business empire, your customer should perceive that you solve a problem, must be willing to pay for it and more importantly you must have a huge number of such people.”
      • Swaminathan has a good news for Chennai Startupreneurs.The business climate in Chennai is very healthy and the city is heading towards becoming an innovation hub where we will be developing products from here for the Global community. The city is all set to be the next startup capital of the world.

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