How to explain my Startup in 90 seconds

      90 seconds would be effective in extending your product’s reach. Because it’s the threshold limit to grab a person’s attention after which they turn into some ferocious animals.

  • First analyze who your audience is.
  • So make a small story for your brand.
  • Craft the first 30 seconds well, since it is going to decide the fate of your video.
  • Present a problem that connects with your target audience instantly. That’s your hook to make them stay till the end.
  • Then it’s show time, bring your brand into the picture.

  • Show how your brand solves their problem.
  • Make your viewers feel like a super hero.

      This is the only way your product could win their hearts. Your viewers would be waiting for that magical key to access your app. So instruct them what they should do with a crisp call to action.

      There you go, transforming each one of your viewers into a superhero in 90 seconds. Yeah 90 seconds will be your success formula from now on.

      Did you notice, even this video explained you stuff in 90 seconds?

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