Interview with Explainer video Expert: Demo Duck

      In today’s advanced online culture, video is the most valuable advertising tool for a particular product or service and Explainer videos are something quick, fun and simple. A well made explainer video consolidates all the business key information to explain simply in a minute or two and also adds the magic ingredient as storytelling.

      People are definitely becoming more comfortable with the term “explainer videos”, often using it interchangeably with “marketing video” or “web video” and consumers have fallen in love with explainer videos, as they grab the attention of viewers more than text or images.

      Creating the explainer video process should not be a corporate box ticking exercise. Instead, think of it as a creative process, that’s aimed at engaging a prospect, capturing their interest and enticing them to want to find out more. Production houses with fully made creative minds works together and hits all the spots of a good explainer video.

      Its highly important to note, when you are working with a production house on your business explainer video then you don’t need to shovel too much detail.

      Some time back we had a chance to find more about few production houses like Epipheo, Switch video, Bode Animation, Demo Duck, etc and was delighted when Demo Duck CEO was willing to answer for few questions.

      Let’s get some straight right answers from Demoduck’s CEO:

1) Obvious but always interest to hear, shall we start with a short intro about you and Demo duck? What is the main turning point of Demo Duck?

      My name is Andrew Follett, I’m the founder and CEO at Demo Duck. We’ve been around a little over 3 years now creating explainer videos for a variety of companies including Netflix, Trulia, Lowe’s, Crazy Egg, and more.

2) Demo duck is expert in creating which style of video? Why? Any example? (That the first video which started worked out well)

      Our focus is animated explainer videos. There are plenty of video companies out there that do “everything” but we wanted to focus on getting really good at just one thing – so we continue to try to perfect our skills producing explainer videos. Our first big break was our video for Crazy Egg – which generated them an extra $21k a month in revenue.

3) What is the first most question you would like to ask with your clients? And what is that one question you think never to ask with them?

      What’s the purpose for this video and what do you want to accomplish with it? And there are no questions I would not ask a client.

4) What is the main challenging factor you are facing with your clients still? Do you think your price ranges always affordable by the startups?

      Convincing them to create really interesting work. Most clients want to play it safe, but we think it’s a lot more fun and a good deal more challenging to do something new and risky.

      Our prices are probably not all that affordable for startups (unless they’re funded or doing really well), but that’s why we launched Video Brewery.

5) Why do you think startups must have the explainer videos?

      Every company needs to be able to explain what they do. And with products and services getting more specialized and complex, it’s more important than ever to have a clear value proposition and one that people are willing and interested in listening to… which is why we think explainer videos are such a great tool.

6) What is your greatest success and failure in this industry till now?

      Crazy Egg was a big success for us and has driven plenty of business since. Fortunately I can’t think of any big failures off the top of my head. We’ve had a number of clients decide scrap their videos in the 11th hour, which is never a good feeling.

7) If you could have dinner with one of your competitor, who would be?

      I don’t necessarily consider them as a competitor, but I’d love to talk to the guys at Buck – They do amazing work.

8) What is the Secret Sauce of Demo duck?

      Work with the best talent, no matter what and the concept/script is the most important part of the entire production process.

      Well, if you are looking for some interesting production houses to create a successful video for you or if you are looking for a great review on your awesome video, please mail to and you can also mention your valuable comments or questions in the comment section of this article content.

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