6 out of 10 VCs hate text

      When VCs are hunting for the next Google, Facebook, or Twitter, some entrepreneurs create lengthy PowerPoint’s that leaving investors bored and make them feel their pitches unrealistic.

      Your pitch deck is a great snapshot of your company story, so you need to prepare your company’s financial or business model compelling and eye catchy to get the deal done.

      Silly question it may sound, but do you think that an investor would benefit from seeing a visual presentation of your business model? Or is “visually less” and keeping to a text based investment proposal, more?

      Out of ten, six VCs tell that they are bored to read text; they skipped text and missed some potential startups. In reverse case startups with 2 minute, explainer video has a great chance of winning VCs mind.

‘No’ to Text’s: (Explainer videos have the Power)

      You’ve finished developing your product or service and you’ve ready to dive into your business venture.

      Then ask yourself,

      Why would VCs listen to your pitch?

      How do you set yourself apart?

      How to make investors to sit up and take notice?

      Because, every VCs Inbox is overflowing with pitches and investors see hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs, and products everyday.

      There is always heavy competition. If your presentation with boring text and is not attractive, then? Even a strong business model will find itself pushing at a closed door.

      We may all feel that hearing someone’s talk is more personal experience rather than reading a bunch of text.

      We cannot ignore the real fact that there are many VCs out there who aren’t interested in reading, instead they would like to watch. VCs hate anything that puts them to sleep, and texts often do.

      Investors are more apt to remember your pitch if you give them the basis in a way that they can relate. “Tell them a story.”

      “You should always have a fully refined, bulletproof story.”

      Having an effective pitch is more important than ever, as venture capital remains relatively scarce and within the first 30 seconds they will decide whether to continue listening or turn to Twitter and ignore you.

      Then even a strong business model, justified with hard textual data will find itself pushing at a closed door.

      Video presentation of your business is something of real value, makes tangible impact and that’s something different investors don’t see everyday.

A Sure-Fire way: Animated Explainer Videos

      Investors file the most business plans in their trash folder, when they receiving that as lengthy and boring. Creating your points as visual as possible can be a sure-fire way of beginning a path that will lead you to venture capital firms.

      Imagine this situation. You spent hours for preparing a well-polished slide deck, which covers even a minor detail of your business. The moment when you start launch your presentation in front of VCs, you hear they saying,

      “Jack, I have to catch a flight. Can you tell me what you’ve in 2 minutes?” The way you handle this question will decides your success. How do you handle this situation?

      Win this situation with a 2 minute explainer video. Investors like teams that have a product ready to show, start out with a demo, and get straight into who it is for.

      Entertaining explainer videos are less time consuming, less eye straining, easier to understand and gives astonishing life to your product.

      Animated Explainer videos,

  • Gains the viewer’s interest
  • Simplifies complex business ideas
  • Offers solution for the problems
  • Memorable
  • Triggers conversion rates
  • Increases popularity
  • Budget friendly

Statistically a well-scripted explainer video is more conveying, entertaining, funny, and most importantly informative and engaging way that text would never be able to do.

In the context of raising business funding from investors, the pitch via video saves your time and money without substantially reducing the positive impact that can be experienced during a well-executed ‘in person’ investor pitch.

A promotional video is very effective, especially when you are trying to raise investment for a particular product that requires a visual presentation of it and is hard to describe in the written medium.

Presenting video pitch is also assures a potential investor of your credibility by visually demonstrating your individual character and creativeness behind your business proposal.

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