10 Reasons why explainer video has to be below 60 seconds

10 Reasons why explainer video has to be below 60 seconds_tsv

“The wait is all over” How long do you think someone will have enough patience to watch a lengthy explainer video? 5 minutes? 4 minutes? How about 3 minutes? 2? No. Make it 60 seconds. Now, you may wonder how that is possible to make a 60 second video. The truth is you do not have enough time. Your clock is ticking. But don’t rush! You cannot sell out unfinished stories. Your script should sell out your story on what you want to convey in 60 seconds.

Losing patience is not the only reason; your audience will have many reasons to close your video. But what a 60 second video can make it special? Here are some of the main reasons:

Keep it short and simple

Make sure your video does not give any troubles for your users to remember the entire video. Most of the lengthy explainer videos do not create any impact on the audience. They do not get instilled in the minds of an audience. The brain does not decide to take too many visuals in mind. So a short explainer video makes it simple for the users to bear in mind what the idea is all about.

A matter of time

It’s only a matter of time. You cannot brag about something for so long. Nobody is willing to listen to it. So be time conscious. Indeed, it is difficult to highlight features of your product in few seconds, that’s why we rely on experts to make the script more creative, useful, informative, and worth watching in a minute.

Video Analytics

In a recent report from Wistia, the video tracking data revealed that an average 30-second video was viewed by 85%, while the average 2-minute video was viewed on average 50%. That is a deep difference between the percentage watched for a short and a long video. Thus, a short video is being watched by more people than for a longer video. If you have a short video, you are more likely to have 85% of the viewers.

Attention Span

On an average, out of a 60-second video, a viewer is likely to watch only 42 seconds. So if you create 120 seconds of a video, the probability is that viewer might skip as much as the content and only 70% would remain in their minds, which is the same as a 60-second video. As a result, a lot of content is being wasted.


YouTube accepts a length of 15 minutes video, but shorter videos get more shares and likes than the longer videos. If your video is short, people either watch it until the end, or don’t watch it at all. Besides that, it does not reach the right audience. Make sure your content is attention grabbing, so that people stick to the video until the end.

Not your life story

People aren’t expecting an entire life story. They only need the idea behind the screens. Ultimately, your video should call to action. Use creativity as your call.

Animated videos give a chance to tell your story. In 60-seconds you will need more action to take place, just as the name implies, animated videos generate more actions. Don’t cast incomplete pieces of information; rather put it straight to the script.

Don’t get lost

Lengthy videos tend to convey a message while watching, but in the end users get lost. Not even 40% content would bear in their mind. This means that only less than 50% users set off traffic.

Too many information

You know what happens when you give too much unnecessary information in a single video- people either get confused or misinterpret the information. Your consumption audience shouldn’t get a wrong idea of the product or brand.

Short videos are wildly popular over Social media

Looks like Vine and Instagram were made just for that. Although, they can be used only on mobile, they are being shared virally. Vine was the first mobile app introduced to create shorter videos in six seconds. These are shorter to view and upload. They give a different viewing experience than the old fashioned videos.


A 60-second video won Susan Brenna the 2011 Grand Prize. American Express and Tribeca Film Festival teamed up to create a contest where anyone could create a 60-second film pitch. Veteran film makers would judge the pitches and select a winner. Although, Susan Brenna’s video was simple, she had her story idea conveyed properly, straight to the viewers’ expectations.

Understanding the relation between the audience engagement and the length of the video will ensure you that you are getting more audience and your audience is getting more of your videos.


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