Topspin: A Direct-to-Fan Platform for Artists

      Topspin is a comprehensive tool kit made especially for artists like professional singers and bands, labels and band managers. This online platform lets music artists make a store and manage everything in it from their ticketing, merchandise, downloads, memberships to marketing. It also allows them to share it on a blog, social media or in a Smartphone app.

      Topspin allows upcoming artists to increase their reach by increasing the number of fans. Then it converts those fans into customers by selling those tickets, merchandise and memberships. It also allows them to sell tickets directly to their customers and all they need to do is use Topspin’s fee phone application to scan the barcode on the tickets.

Video Review:

      Their website shares a promotional video that displays their service idea in great detail. This startup video demo is spot-on in relating the message that it is supposed to.Startups basically need an explainer video that explains their product or service in a creative way. That is exactly what this video does. Some notable features of this video are:

  • It is like watching a short movie. The story of how a band discovered and used Topspin to increase their fan base and sales.
  • A voiceover tells the band’s story with the video running in the background.
  • Typography and motion graphics have been used to highlight Topspin’s features.
  • The story of the rock band that is shown is amplified by the use of their rock song in the background.

      Business videos need to contain the essence of the business that they are displaying. These videos do that perfectly. Made in an artistic way, Topspin’s business video delivers the message that it is the world’s only platform that provides all these things for artists.


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