Herds – Go Social But Not At the Cost of Privacy!

      Go social without being private with Herds. Sharing content or photos or virtually anything with only the people you want is difficult and Herds helps you do just that. It is a private social group app that enables you to create ‘Herds’ and then share events or picture, practically anything relevant to your group. What you get is complete privacy. This makes Herds a unique merger of privacy and being social.

      With Herds, you no longer have to worry about people looking into your updates and content you share whom you don’t want to show it to. After all, the kind of stuff you share with your buddies would be something you don’t want your boss to see. You can make sure your boss has no idea what you are up to when you are out on the town, with Herds.

      Truth be told, Herds has picked up on a novel concept. It is something virtually every social media user thinks about but no one has ever really made an effort towards improving it. Even the privacy settings of social networks are so complex that one cannot help but be confused. Herds is innovative and bold, characteristics every startup needs to have.

      The message and concept of Herds is so diverse that explaining it in 2 minutes seems impossible. Yet, using a video to demonstrate what Herds is about proved to be a masterstroke. The video shows people from different walks of life telling you who they ‘herd’. From family to golfing buddies to even groupies, it gives us a great idea of how diverse and useful the Herds app really is.

      A demo video is a wonderful way to promote a startup and the same goes for Herds. ‘Herds’ is a wonderful app to create groups according to your preferences. No longer do you have to mix your work buddies with your church choir!


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