eWellness – Telemedicine Today to protect you from diabetes

eWellness, a Telemedicine organization is known for its pioneering DMpt (Distance Monitored Physical Therapy) program. This 6 month, fully insurance reimbursable program is intended for the welfare of a pre-diabetic person. It protects him from becoming a fully diabetic patient. DMpt is a combination of in-office direct-contact physical therapy assessments, re-evaluations and physical performance testing along with online telemedicine program which is completely monitored by in-house physical therapist. This helps to enhance the patient engagement and program accomplishment. The eWellness program stringently adheres to the HIPAA rules.

Video Review:

The video starts with an introduction about the telemedicine company by its CEO, Darwin Fogt. In this almost 5 minute video, Mr. Fogt informs how the wellness physical therapy exercises reduce a patient’s risk from developing Type 2 diabetes. He also briefs on how the patients are referred by the physician and how they are inducted into the program, and trained with unique physical therapy exercises.

Some salient aspects:

The explainer video is created with live video footages, combined with images and text animations.

  • The entire video is created with clear, unfussy background, not causing any distraction, and makes a viewer to remain focused on the topic.
  • The texts are displayed in white colour with greyish background symbolizing eWellness corporate colours. It facilitates the viewer to have good readability.
  • The CEO’s voice is crisp, audible and all the medical terminologies are easy to understand.
  • The pain areas are displayed in reddish colour and it helps the viewer to easily identify the ailment zones.
  • Video footages of exercise kit, exercise demo of the licensed physical therapist help viewers to easily grasp things.
  • No direct CTA, but indirectly conveys to the viewer to participate in the eWellness program.


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