News360: Making a News Experience Just for You

      News360 is a personalized news application that works in a slightly different way than the other ones we have seen. What makes the News360 application different is that it combines what your friends have in common with your interests and browsing habits to bring you news that is relevant.

      The News360 application is available on iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry Playbook and Android devices. They even have a toolbar for the browser that you use and are available on the web. The application takes in news that has been highlighted by friends and ranks it based on quality, relevance and freshness to bring you news you would be interested in reading.

Video Review:

      As far as startup video demo go, their video does the correct amount of explaining. Let’s have a look at what makes their explainer video so impactful:

  • Typography is used in an interesting manner with colorful shapes.
  • Motion graphics is used to give the illusion of movement to the video.
  • Extra care has been taken to insert the brand logo at different points in the video.
  • Using a sarcastic tone in the explainer video to bring the actual message forward is actually a smart move on their part.

      Looks like they have worked with a good startup video production company to get a very relevant video made. The News360 application is seeking to compete in a genre where thousands of personalized news applications already exist.


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