6 Mistakes to Avoid In Script Writing For Startup Explainer Videos

Avoid 6 Mistakes

      A video can do more for your startup business in 60 seconds than a marketing campaign which you run for several months. Business owners are opening up to the idea of using videos as a way of getting their business known. However, simply making a video is not enough. It needs to have substance, creativity and most importantly, be geared towards the target market. Hence, there is little margin for error involved. The quality of a video depends on the script so a foolproof script is what you need.

      Here are 6 mistakes to avoid in scriptwriting for startup explainer videos.

1. Making it Overlong

      Patience is a virtue internet users generally don’t have. Since they are going to be the ones watching the video, you have to make sure it suits their attention span. According to research, two minutes is the maximum length of time for which a person can focus on something on the internet. So, your video has to be short, meaningful, to the point and under two minutes.

2. Delaying the Message

      A graver sin than making the script overlong is delaying the message you have to convey. The purpose of the video is communicating to the viewers about your business. If you don’t do that in the first 30 seconds or so, they are bound to lose interest. Don’t put off the message till the end of the script or else you will find only a few takers.

Don’t put off the message till the end of the script or else you will find only a few takers.

3. Being Formal

      A common mistake made by amateur script writers is that they make the content to formal. Rather than being conversational and addressing the audience as ‘You’, they make it technical and professional. While it does project a very good image of the business, it usually fails to make a connection with the audience.

4. Not Thinking Like a Customer

      When writing the script, you have to step into a customer’s shoes. Think about what you would like to see in a video from a new business. Not doing this is an elementary mistake which you cannot afford to make. Make sure you keep the customer in mind rather than the fancy elements which make up the video.

5. Offering Lifeless Content

      Tell a story rather than bombarding the users with statistics, research and self-praise. Most videos for startups make this mistake. The content in the script is virtually lifeless and completely dry. You should create a story about your business and tell it to your customers with no nonsense or fluff attached.

6. Going Too Fast

      The time is limited and you may have a lot to communicate but this doesn’t mean you can keep on talking and talking during the video. The ideal pace for the narrator to follow is 150 words per minute which are easier for the viewer to comprehend as well as providing adequate pauses and breaks.

      The script is the most important part of a video for a startup. You have to avoid these six script writing mistakes when writing for a startup explainer video at all costs to ensure it works.

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