My6sense: Your Digital Intuition

      My6sense takes content personalization to a whole new level.A mobile phone application that is available for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone that is available for free. It takes all the RSS feeds and social networks that you are subscribed to and brings you all the updates in one place. It will never ask you for feedback. All you have to do is view content naturally; it will capture your interests and personalize the content for you.

      With this new style of content personalization, readers will no longer have to fill in long feedback forms and choose their interests.This application will do everything on its own and you get to read only what is relevant to you without having your inbox cluttered. Plus, with this application, the ability to view the updates in a user friendly manner makes it even more appealing.

Video Review:

      As an introduction to their application their startup video pitch was created as well. This startup video demo is short and interesting to watch. Let’s look at some of its interesting features:

  • Using a real life extremely beautiful female model, who is ‘digital intuition’ personified.
  • The model talks of herself as if the application is speaking to the viewer and telling them what it does for them.
  • Using screencast to show what the application looks like on an iPhone and how it works.
  • All the advantages have been clearly defined along with how it works.

      My6sense’s explainer video is a great example of how a video can use a human touch to it. However, not every product or service can be described this way and it is a slightly older idea of creating pitch videos.


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