Metaweb: Making Your Website Smarter

      Metaweb is a completely new concept to replacing keywords with entities. Since, words are not the best way to describe something and are often misinterpreted. Everyone writes a name with a different spelling and things can get a lot confusing for everyone.Metaweb introduced the idea of using these entities that held every reference to a particular person, song, movie, place, etc.

Video Review:

      The idea that Metaweb presents is not so easy to understand because of its high level of technicality. Just because of this reason they created an explainer video that would explain their extremely complex idea in less than 4 minutes. Here are some notable features of their video:

  • Sketch-style motion graphics have been used.
  • Typography has been used a lot in the video because of the relevance it holds with explaining keywords and entities.
  • Entities have been shown as building blocks that can hold all the different meanings pertaining to them.
  • Examples have been used to make it easier to understand the concept.
  • The graphics are just the right amount of color and a neutral background has been used.

      This startup video pitch was so right on the spot that it helped Metaweb sell their idea to Google. This clearly shows that well made business videos can do wonders for a startup company and at times even beyond their imagination.

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