Sliderocket: Create, Share and Save Presentations Online

      Sliderocket is a new way to creating presentations. As the web has become a central part of our lives it has changed the way we communicate, hold meetings and do our documentations. Yet presentations stay the same old boring static ones that are so huge in size that it is difficult to share them.

      Sliderocket takes all these problems away allowing a user to create dynamic presentation with animation and audio. Also, these presentations can be shared on social media or email right from their platform. Editing your presentation means that the presentation wherever it is shared is changed as well. Plus, it can track the responses of people on each and every slide in a presentation.

      With this tool presentations have become revolutionized, making them more interactive. Sliderocket has created a startup video demo for the service that they provide. Even though they have been existing for the past five years, it has taken an all-necessary explainer video to boost their business:

  • Yellow and white background has been used alternatively.
  • White text has been used on yellow background and black text has been used on white background.
  • This video has been made with screencast capturing the computer screen and no other visuals except typography on-screen.
  • Voice-over the video combined with upbeat background music makes it interesting to view. Al the necessary advantage and process are explained through voice-over rather than text.

      Whether a company sells products or services videos for businesses are important. The main purpose for them remain the same, to introduce the product of service to the customers through ways that they feel are interactive.


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