Airbnb: Travel like a Human

      Airbnb is an online portal that lets you rent places around the world, like apartments and homes. Not only does it save a lot of money while you travel, you live and interact with people from different cultures. It’s changing the perspective of how we travel.

      People with places to rent can publish it on the Airbnb website. People who travel can log on and select a place that they like. The website allows you to directly contact the host by sending them a message. After the stay both the guest and the host rate and review each other so that others can get a fair idea of the place and the guest. It allows you to make great savings while you travel. Booking can be done from anywhere by just visiting their website.

Video Review:

      They have an excellent explainer video on their website. Here are some special things to note about it.

  • A testimonial-style video gives the viewer a positive reinforced feeling about the Airbnb idea.
  • Video footage of different rental places is used to create an excitement in the viewer to try it.
  • Information about how-to-use the service is avidly present throughout the video in a graphical representation.
  • Excellent branding has been established by reinforcing the brand name over and over again, all done very subtly.
  •       An idea like Airbnb is not easy to sell with guests and hosts holding so many concerns regarding the setup. That is why they have taken the help of video demos to get the right message across.


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