Float: Scheduling Tasks the Right Way

      Float works as a web application that schedules team’s tasks and time allocation for different projects. Managing a team can be quite difficult sometimes and assigning tasks, allocating time and then emailing notifications to everyone is highly time-consuming. Float does all of that for the team leader by making it simple to assign tasks, allocate time and send notifications at the click of a button.

      It helps the team leader see the workload at a glance and accordingly assign tasks, even a week in advance. All you need to do is visit their website and take a tour of their startup video demo that explains everything in less than a minute and a half.

Video Review:

      Here are some notable features of their video:

  • Gives a real life example using a short video movie of how a team leader manages his employees using Float.
  • All the features of the application are carefully shown in the video by using typography and images are different instances.
  • Shows that it is possible to have a happy and productive team by using the Float web application.
  • Snippets of the application are shown along with the logo at different places.

      Videos for business startups are extremely important to increase their reach and to effectively present their idea. What their video fails to mention is that they are offering a 30 day trial period for their application. Mentioning it in their video would have gotten them even better responses from customers.


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