10 Tips to Promote Your Startup Videos and Demos

10 Tips to Promote Your Startup Videos and Demos

Video demo marketing is an excellent way of promoting your business. In addition to being interesting and engaging, videos are viral in nature and spread like wildfire. They not only fulfill the purpose of creating awareness among the target market, but can also convince potential customers to use a product or service. Below are a few tips businesses can use to promote their startup videos and demos.

1. Embed Video on Your Homepage

You can embed your start up or demo video on the homepage of your official business website. Those who visit your business website will be able to watch the video as well. Have it in mind almost 70% of new visitors wish to watch your explainer video in first 10 seconds.

2. Use Video Sharing Websites

Video sharing websites are a perfect platform to share your startup videos on. Such platforms will substantially increase the viewership of your videos as it will be available to be viewed by a wide array of people from different backgrounds and with different interests. It’s always a good idea to share your videos in category specific video sharing sites (eg : Startup Videos in Thestartupvideos.com) in additional to youtube or viemo. This way you will be able to reach a much broader base of potential customers.

3. Use Social Media Networks

Social media websites are another channel you can utilize for video demo marketing. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and many others are used by people who enjoy viewing interesting videos that are posted on them. Almost 90% of viral videos originate from social views.

4. Embed Video in Your Blogs

Blogs are a very good way of promoting your products or services. Embedding a video in your blogs will allow readers to view the video as well and get a chance to understand your business and its offerings.

5. Post Articles about Your Video

You can write articles about your video and post them in article directories and forums. People who are interested in your business will read the article and will learn about your business.

6. Share

You can ask current users to share your video with other interested parties and in other social circles to increase viewership. You can make your video go viral by asking viewers to share it on social media websites where it will be further viewed and shared.

7. Buzz Marketing

Word-of-mouth or buzz marketing has always proved to be the most effective way of promoting a business. If your business has a unique and distinctive feature, you can use that to create a buzz among your target market and soon many more people will be keen to watch your video and know more about your business. Before long, your business will become the talk of the town. It is so simple always direct your new clients or new viewers to have a look into your video to get a better understanding of what your business is all about.

8. Video Press Release

A press release is an announcement or a kind of news that an individual wants the public to know. You can announce the launch of your startup video using a video press release to inform potential clients about your business and the products and/or services that you offer. Almost all PR sites now offer video embed option in press release to get your release more viable in media outlet.

9. Use SEO Tactics

Use SEO tactics to promote your videos online. Find selective keywords which you can use effectively to promote your video and increase viewers. You can also use SEO techniques to have your video in one of the top results of search engines.
Just Follow this to achieve good results via SEO

  • Use keyword in Video Title
  • Give keyword rich content to explain the video in description section
  • Include keywords in file name
  • Good to have comments in your video

10. Post Links on Other Videos

You can post the URL link of your video on other related videos. This will guide those watching other videos to your video. For instance, if you offer travel services, you can link your startup video to other travel and tourism videos.

Comments are open, i just kick-started some basics on promoting any new startup videos share your own ways of doing it.

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