Spotify: Listen to Your Favorite Music in a Different Way

      Spotify is a desktop and mobile application that plays live music. Just download the application and you have instant access to millions of music albums and songs.Search for your favorite song, album or artist and listen to it right there. Share the song that you like with your friends and you can even create your own playlist. No need to save any songs on your computer and utilize space on hard disk.

      Spotify has brought an excellent idea because music is something that is popular all over the world. They allow a user to create an account for free and just install the application. By doing a simple search the user can create a playlist and listen to their favorite songs.

Video Review:

      On they have created startup demo videos that are present on their site. As an introductory startup pitch video they explain their idea in an interesting way.Notable features of their video are:

  • Simple and short one minute video that last only a minute.
  • The video starts with a hand sketching the globe, to signify the music is loved by people all over the world.
  • A simple white background has been used.
  • It does not mention that this is a desktop application and could give some viewers the illusion that it is a web application.
  • The video ends on the Spotify logo, which reinforces their brand image.

      Spotify has made a simple video which introduces their product well. However, they could have included some more details regarding the application that could have made the video even better. Less use of corporate color has not disadvantaged the video in any way as monotone colors like black and white are a good choice.


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