15 Tips for Producing a Viral Explainer Video for Your New Startup

15 Tips for Producing a Viral Explainer Video

      Startup videos succinctly lay out all the many reasons your product or service is going to be awesome for web visitors. With 95% message retention even after three days, explanation videos are best at garnering interest in your big idea!

      Take your boring screen-cast videos to the next level of awesome viral explainer video with these powerful tips.

1. Research Other Interesting Professional Videos

      Dig out amazing explanation videos and pay attention to the tone and transitions used along with the art style, script and call to action. Use these as an inspiration for creating your viral explainer video.

2. Pay Attention To What Suits Your Audience

      Time and customize the message according to the needs of the target market. Whether you aim to grab attention, inform about new product or increase your sales, try to please as many people as possible to so that your video goes viral.

3. Tell Them What’s In It For Them

      Know your product or service well enough so that you can point out the benefits that it provides to customers. Assess what could excite the audience to choose your product over other options available.

4. Maintain High Quality Levels

      A poor quality video will have a negative effect on your image and will not likely attract any business. Give the startup video your best shot after thoroughly thinking out the what, how and when.

5. Work On The Consistency

Your startup video will be available online for years to come. Make sure you maintain a consistent approach in your video, across your website and your product. In this way, you would be creating an identity of yourself in the minds of the target market.

6. Tick Tock-Make The First 15 Seconds Count

      With shorter viewer attention spans, explainer videos should not only be short but compelling enough to grab attention right till the end. Follow the motto: Give more in less time!

7. Include A Call To Action

      You really want to retain your visitors, don’t you? For startup videos, it is essential that you have a call to action at the end of the video so that customers are directed to your website or some place relevant before straying away.

8. Give Out A Special Feel

      Make your customers feel special by placing them in a position of importance. Apart from keeping the video short and simple, make sure you hand out value to your customers through the video. Connect with your viewers on an emotional level.

9. Have A Riveting Video Title

      A headline that grabs your visitors’ sight is important. Make sure the title of the video reflects what the video is about and is memorable enough to be easily searched later on.

10. Work On A Compelling Script

      Convert the idea into words. Make sure you use compelling words to present the information you intend to give to your audience in the startup video. Focus on the opening, the call to action and the product benefits. The timing of the script is also essential.

11. Throw In Animated Motion Graphics And Sound Effects

      Animated explainer videos engage multiple senses at the same time and are better as compared to plain text. Stimulate your viewer’s imagination and create memorable viewing experiences by using gripping graphics and sound effects.

12. Don’t Ignore The Audio

      The audio is as important as the video, so make sure you place close attention to the sounds use in the explainer video. Since the voiceover tone highlights the personality, make sure to you rely on goo audio production.

13. Visualize With The Storyboard

      Storyboarding is an important step in the explainer video production since it is easier to visualize the end product before putting any real technical effort in the actual production. Since it details the entire video, use storyboards to dig out any flaws in your video.

14. Let Your Explanation Video Be Known

      The more people know about it, the better would be the response rates. Share it on your homepage and on social media websites to get the word out there. Keep it open to view rather than hiding under mounds of information on the internet.

15. Follow Up After Your Video Release

      After creating the hype with your viral explainer video, you should keep your customers posted about what is going on. In this you would dispel any mistrust created as a result of any possible delays or changes in launch timings.

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