Rdio: Get Connected to Music Anywhere

      Rdio is an application for music lovers. It is available as a web-based and smartphone application.With this application all you have to do is pay a small flat monthly fee and you can listen to all the songs that you want.Their music library has millions of songs in it and you can listen to them online from anywhere at all. No need to save the song on your phone or computer and waste disk space.

      You can also follow your friends and critics to get news about the latest music releases.With Rdio you can also download music that you want to listen to offline. It also allows the options to sync in your music player as well.

Video Review:

      To introduce their idea they have an explainer video that talks about Rdio from top to bottom. Here as some of its notable features:

  • Testimonial style video that has some typography as well.
  • One male model takes the viewer through all the benefits of their application.
  • Exciting background music has been used because after all the service is all about music.
  • The Rdio logo is carefully placed at different points in the video to allow for viewer reinforcement.
  • The video is set in a garage set up to show different ways how this service that be used.

      Rdio has produced an interesting and artistic startup video demo for their service. It is perfect video to entice music love to start using their web application. Buying so many CDs can be a hassle and one look at their demo video and any music lover would be sold.


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