Better Place: Supporting Sustainable Transportation

      Better Place is an organization that not only supports sustainable transportation, but is also working towards introducing vehicles that will run on electricity. Freeing transportation from running on petroleum and other similar oils is the aim of this company.

      Better Place has been working with many companies over the world to make this vision come true. Recently, the company launched one hundred cars that run on electricity in their Israeli office. These were given to company employees. The aim is not just to make vehicles run on electricity, but to make them emission free and use renewable energy for charging. Their presence on the web is immense as their website remains regularly updated.

Video Review:

      Right on the homepage of their website you will find a startup pitch video. Here are notable points in the video:

  • Combination use of different video footages around the globe and news clips combined to give it the desired meaning.
  • Accurate use of motion graphic makes it interesting to watch.
  • Voice-over to explain the whole meaning of saving your planet.
  • Touches the right of aspects regarding conserving the environment and how easy it is to convert to renewable energy.

      Startup demo videos are usually made for selling an idea. Business videos like these are made to serve a larger purpose and make people think about the choices that they make. Honestly, if anyone needs an idea of how to get that done, they need to have a look at this video.


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