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Taking care of your mind will be simple and defined; Seek online counselling with SEEKSPARK.

With this portal, people can get help from experts online on solving issues out of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship and work-life imbalance. In simple words, the portal connects those seeking help with those providing it and facilitates the conversation either through phone or video conferencing and now with chat interaction too.

“It was a personal incident with a very close family friend that made me aware of issues in mental health, and more importantly, how seeking help for it is curtailed by a lack of knowledge, inconveniences surrounding the access to a good care provider and stigma around it, says Kunal Pancholi, Founder & CEO. It made me think of how a digital platform could address these issues effectively. That led to researching with some prominent psychologists and psychiatrists. In January 2015, I left my job to build this platform with over 200 professional care providers.”

Watch the above video to know how simple it is to seek professional help via “SEEKSPARK.”

World Mental Health Day:

On 10th of Oct, 2015 this portal will be open for people to have access to care providers over a personalised chat-based interaction and that’s going to be FREE! People with any specific query, concern, issue or plain curiosity regarding things that affect their mind are welcome to enter into a private, confidential and anonymous chat with the care providers.

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