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A person who always striving to innovate – Javier Ideami is the founder and director of Ideami studios. Ideami is a multidisciplinary creative director, engineer, artist and entrepreneur, who is into business, creativity, and technology for many years as well as leading innovative workshops, conferences and events. His passion towards visual creativity and own need become the major reason for Posterini’s birth.

Posterini provides solutions to all visual asset challenges like online event advertisement, inviting people for celebrations, Crafting a magazine covers, creating amazing movie posters for films, educational or school project works within some minutes.

It’s an all in one tool for visual marketing needs, and has templates, typography, images, shapes, visual effects, montage capabilities and full flexibility & control, mainly easy to use. Which is also helpful in accelerate public marketing assets and sharing creations around the world.

Ideami also spoken at prestigious institutions including Stanford University in California, the United Nations FAO headquarters, the faculty of architecture at the university of Rome, Canary Wharf financial centre in London and at other numerous symposiums and events around the world.

His expertise brings together fields as diverse as Entrepreneurship, Software Engineering, Teaching, Photography, Film-making, Music, Publishing, Designing, Acting, Public speaking, Marketing, Drawing and Painting.

Apart from Posterini and Ideami studios, he also involved in other creative ventures such as:

Springkite Creativity Workshop: springkite.com
Incredivid Video Production: incredivid.com
Volandino Comical Series: volandino.com

Javier’s creations have been exhibited in many galleries and festivals around the planet. And he has received numerous awards across many of the above mentioned field. Ideami presents a quick story of Posterini’s birth and more information about the tool in the above video. Watch and get laugh with his funny intro of a comical series website called Volandino.

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