OrCam: Good bye to Magnifying Glasses

Vision is the most important aspect in our daily life. In a single day, there are many tasks to perform where vision plays the major role. People with partial visual loss find it difficult to organize and manage their everyday activity. This suffering has come to an end with Orcam.

Orcam is an intuitive portable device, which provides artificial vision to assist the visually impaired. It has an smart camera mounted on the eye glass which recognizes the text, objects and products that is been communicated to the user’s ears through a discrete bone conduction earpiece. The device responds to a intuitive gesture, a point of the finger or press of the button initiates the device to detect the product.

There are 280 million people around the world who are the victims of partial visual loss, Orcam aims to give freedom and the independent life these visually impaired people wish to live. Orcam is invented by Orcam technologies which is a start up located in Israel. Israel is flourishing with startups that come up with technically sound concepts and innovations. They pose a great challenge for other upcoming entrepreneurs in different parts of the world and global brands to be even more innovative and competitive. It’s rightly called the start-up nation.

This product signifies that, an amazing idea when molded with technology can make impossible things possible.

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