How Videos decide the fate of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Funding


When you are a startup looking for some crowdfunding on platforms like indiegogo and Kickstarter, a great video is mandatory. They say building a compelling video alone would ensure your funding on these platforms.

The challenge is you got to tell all about your project which you had planned across for years (or just researched on for multiple sleepless nights) in just a few minutes through a video. It’s not that these platforms restrict you or something, you just cannot risk creating a longer video where you have lost your audience midway.

A Staged development: One step at a time

Meticulously planning your video is necessary and do not just jump in to it and start creating a video. Take one step at a time.

  • Research on your project and answer the 5Ws and the H- What, When, Where, Who, which and How
  • Set your objective based on the above questions. Make sure your objective is achievable and develop a goal and your pitch will focus on this goal
  • Develop a script and finalize your video’s blueprint.
  • Wisely choose your video’s characters and the genre. Keep in mind that your funders want you to sound more promising.
  • People like fun but too much of comedy may make you seem less serious unless your work is focussed on comedy as an art form

A pitch with a spark

  • A pitch has to be memorable and by memorable we mean, in a nice way of course. Brevity is highly recommended and you can be assured that your viewers would be grateful for that
  • Oodles of passion and professionalism should emanate from your pitch
  • Your video must be clearly worded and to the point. Focus on what your investors would get and not on what you want. Sound very promising and genuine
  • Work on a feasible timeline. Do not sound urgent by putting in 15 days or do not sit on it for more than 60 days and make your funders impatient. Stick to a time which will let you complete your project without wasting time.
  • Have an achievable goal and do not be greedy. Tell them how you can work to perfection to not waste a penny on any unwanted stuff.
  • We would ask you to throw away your shyness and boldly ask for a donation. After all, you would not be here if you had enough money
  • Finally, like all the videos, a call to action is a must. Try closing the sale then and there by asking them to click the button to fund

Compelling perks are a easy hook

  • Work on the perks that a supporter/contributor of your project would receive. A well thought out giveaway will make them feel valued and important.
  • The usual T shirts and Sweatshirts have lost it’s charm but are still recommended if you have no other option in mind.
  • The perk can be a limited edition or customised product or a device that you had developed and not yet released or even an experience
  • Even a phone call or an email can go a long way
  • The coolest way is to give a shoutout on Social media and make a big bunch of people aware of your contributors
    Do not just stop there
  • You had created your video and had uploaded it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, What next?
  • Start focussing on your marketing efforts and spread the word. Create a supporter group for your product and start building a trusted team of evangelists for your project mainly in the online space.
  • Gather your friends on social media and ask them to lend their voice and give a shoutout to support you.
    Meet bloggers and many online influencers and ask them to write a review.
  • Even a small testing with influencers before publishing your project may also help you work out what works best

An arm and a leg for videos

  • So far we spoke about how your video should be perfect enough to gain contributor’s attention. By now, you must have realized how important the quality of a video must be. You need not sell your arm and a leg to create these videos. Just use your smart phone with a good camera.
  • All that is important is a compelling script and a well planned storyline. Just dedicate your time and effort and create a perfect pitch.
  • Try something different like mixing live action and animated sequences. A kickstarter campaign definitely needs to sound more human and requires real life people yet some animated visuals may also lighten up the mood.

Videos can be a daunting task for many but remember ,videos speak more words than text. Showing is more important than telling.

Do you have plans to crowdfund your projects? Give us a shout out on your plans in the comments section below.

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