Untold story of MagicLeap- A billion dollar secret startup


Won’t that be awesome? Everyone of us, as kids would have sat listening to the amazing stories filled with magic with our jaws dropping in excitement. An ecstatic world of elves, fairies, wizards and unicorns. That seemed a better world then and even, now. True, even this very second, our heart yearns for those childhood fantasies to happen in real life. We can hear you lament, sitting amidst a whole crap of machines and technology, “How can this be called a reality?” Yes. Its an undeniable fact that technology has become an indispensable factor of the world today. Sometimes, it seems like it has taken away the real world from us. What about ploughing Technology to bring back that magic we had always wished for. The real smartness is to discriminate between the real and the digital world. Thereby, reap that mindblogging experience by spawning images that can be seamlessly placed in the real world. Imagine if you could use technology to create a portal that is so live like a dream come true.


The darling of the silicon valley

This is exactly the idea of MagicLeap, the new darling of the silicon valley. A company whose basic idea is to shape and forge computing work for the people. They arrived at this idea, based on 2 intentions. First one being, people should not be compelled to choose between technology and the real world. And the second, the future of computing should be derived naturally.


Fed by the Tech Titan

May be the people who lie behind its technology sophistication be the reason for this curiosity to spread across the globe to know more and more about Magicleap. Or, It might be the involvement of Google, the tech titan that has created this hype on purpose. Yes, Google has just thrown its weight by funding a ransom of $542 million for this startup that is shrouded in mystery. So, no chance of dismissing MagicLeap as just a mirage. It is real and is heading on its way to glory.


InformationLESS Marketing

MagicLeap, the secretive startup has yet to publicly describe its technology, and we heard that they have also declined an interview request. The patent and the trademark filings had gained major attention and had spread like forest fire.The best hint so far, is that it is working on a lightweight wearable technology leaves us clueless on the exact offering.

The first step of any inquisitive audience is to check out the company’s website.The website unveils with a cute video of an elephant calf flying from cupped hands. Next, a page opens where a whale is floating over a beach leaving people in a sheer confusion. Till date we are drowning in speculation about Magic Leap and all we have in front of us is an eye-popping video of what the company hopes to achieve with its technology. Thus, gaining its fame from the lesser fumes. Perhaps, after the success of this technology, startups may adapt a new marketing strategy, the one we call as, the MagicLeap’s “InformationLESS Marketing” rather than information marketing or content marketing).
Storytellers, rocket scientists, artificial intelligence gurus, software ninjas, computing hobbits or movie freaks? Who the heck are they? Is the question that pops on everyone’s head. With the suspicion growing day-by-day, we have attempted to crack the code and deciphered it for you.


A peek behind the curtain

Now, its show time. We present you an exclusive opportunity to peek behind the curtains of MagicLeap.
Their secretive product is Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal which is in simple words, a product that functions naturally as humans and hence magical. A lightweight head mounted augmented reality glasses that can create virtual objects that seem to exist in the world around you. A world that can bring back the magic in your life. The same magic that you had craved for as a child.


Cinematic Reality

MagicLeap is building a world-class team of expert developers, application wizards and game developers who are inspired to make cool stuff. Magic Leap is combining the inherent visual ability and mobile computing. Their product is natural, human-friendly and enables its user to generate images indistinguishable from real objects, by superimposing virtual 3D objects on real objects which they call as Cinematic Reality.


With all that valuable information paving way for you to gain insight on MagicLeap, we wrap this article just for now. MagicLeap is expected to launch their technology, as early as this year. If we have missed out some valuable points, do append them in the comments section. Stay tuned and check us back often to know more of the mystery startup MagicLeap.

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