Mercedes Benz imports car building to Instagram

Sharing photos and striking comments on Instagram is nothing new. Did you know you can build your Mercedes Benz car on Instagram? In an attempt to clear the crowd and place its new car in the front, Mercedes has transferred the feature of car customising to Instagram.

Build your own GLA

My car, My colour, My style. Yes. Build your own GLA is just about this. A sense of belonging and an emotional factor is tagged to the product by this exclusive feature of Mercedes that enables the user to,

  • Form customised versions of cars.
  • Pick their prefered colours, wheels, roof and grill options from among various components.
  • Seamlessly, navigate from 1 component to the next, on the tap of the mobile screen.
  • Build personalised car models on Mercedes’ website.

Mark Aikman, the department manager, digital marketing and CRM at Mercedes-Benz USA states, “Instagram has been a very important platform for Mercedes-Benz and continues to grow in popularity among the younger millennial consumer that we are trying to introduce the brand to. Build Your Own GLA’ allows us to talk to them where they are and provide them with an interactive experience within Instagram.”
Obviously, Mercedes has taken up Instagram as its major social media platform because Instagram is a visual platform and Mercedes’ product is aesthetic to generate that visual appeal.

And with this feature of Build your own GLA in hand, Mercedes can reinvent its past success on Instagram and boost its already-175,000-strong followers on it.

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