Why startups should attend CII startupreneurs 2014 in Chennai

About Startupreneurs

Startupreneurs is an event organized by the CII in Chennai. The event is scheduled on 24th November 2014 which would attract educated enthusiasts, experts, creators, current or future entrepreneurs. It is a platform to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups.

CII, through this event, aims to raise the profile of the Startups and bring vibrancy to our economy by creating jobs. The event would help startups take the next step in their business and Startupreneurs Expo is targeted at being the largest celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit in Tamil Nadu. You may want to attend the event to gain knowledge, perhaps look for a buyer for your offering and maybe find funds that might speed up your growth.

Why should you attend?

Learn and unlearn

Attending an event like that of Startupreneurs would help you in gaining effective and interactive form of education. Every entrepreneur needs some mentoring and valuable advice from the ones who had been in the same line as them. Mentors will help in strategizing your company’s growth and help you channel your vision in the right path. An event of this kind will enable you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore the available opportunities.

Meet people with similar values

The idea of being surrounded by the people with the same values and similar passions is an intoxicating experience for any entrepreneur. There is so much to share, to see that you are no different from the other startup founders. You may gain various perspectives of the same thought that keeps you busy the whole day. It is very important to know people of your kind, especially when you are new in this field and finding someone to partner with is an opportunity which should not be ignored. There is incredible amount of talent out there and they might show themselves in an event like this. Who knows, your thoughts and ideas may find yourself a co-founder, someone you can actually launch your startup with.

Put your abilities to test

Startupreneurs has a competition for the startups wherein the startups can put themselves through a test and test the waters as to how well they are prepared for the market. The expert Jury will suggest anything that you had left or help you to get your vision right with intense brainstorming sessions. The event heavily focuses on the execution part of the startups and one can expect healthy spontaneous collisions and conversations around their business idea and get to see startups which become instant breakout stars.

Launch your Business

Events like this act as great platform to enable your creative juices to flow and showcase your prototypes or your products and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts. This is a great way to kickstart. Launching your business will invite questions from curious investors and bankers which would help you in making your business scalable and sustainable. If you believe that your product may solve real-world problems, this is the place for you to showcase. You may build long-lasting relationships or probably walk away with an investor.

Meet the thought leaders

The thought leaders in the industry is expected to handle breakout sessions. An action packed day which would provide great opportunities for startup entrepreneurs to learn how to grow their business and impact profits through all the amazing content. You will get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your own industry.

It’s all about connections

The event may attract startup enthusiasts and focuses on validating their ideas, Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. Entrepreneurs need not be so serious and doing a business is not about all work and no play. These events help you relax and build connections to laugh, make jokes, eat and drink or maybe help your learn some geeky stuff.

People at Startupreneurs say that you may get a chance to meet your customers, competitors, bankers, Investors, Government Representatives from India and around the world.

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