Google MapMaker: Help Others by Leaving Your Mark on the Map

      Google MapMaker is another product by Google that allows anyone to add their knowledge of local places to Google Maps. So it could be a walking trail, the outline of a building or marking a place. Once the new details have been added to the map they are reviewed by other users. After other users approve of the new addition, the place or trail is added to the map making it even more accurate for everyone.

      This new product by Google allows users to make the maps more accurate for everyone to use. Plus, nobody can have better local knowledge than the people who actually live there. By contributing to Google Mapmaker it becomes possible to make it easier for people to discover locations and shortcuts easily.

Video Review:

      To introduce their new idea of MapMaker, Google has used a short explainer video. Google is the king of search engines and a top company in innovating ideas for the web, so if they think that business videos are important for introducing a new idea, then it has to be true. Here are some notable features of their video:

  • 2D animation has been used to make an interactive video.
  • To make the idea even more understandable they have shown an actual map and hands drawing different location on it. This adds a little 3D animation to it. It is not only interesting to watch, but gets the idea across really well. It literally shows that you are leaving your mark on the world map.
  • Interesting colorful graphics to show how one can add different places on the map.
  • During the one minute short video it has been ensured that the viewer knows that it is a Google product by using the Google name multiple times in the voice over and ending the video with their logo.


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