Top 10 Live Action Explainer videos to get inspired.

Top 10 Live Action Explainer videos

Explainer videos has become a must use tool for any startups or brands with a new product launch. Can Explainer videos be connected well with live action than animated videos? It is always a very good debate on  what style of explainer videos should I adopt? Even we have written an article on 12 different types of explainer videos. But explainer videos are mainly differentiated into 2 types: Animated Videos and Live Action Videos. Choosing which style can fit for my next project is always tough decision. Even worth reading the comparison posted in wistia blog.

Live Action explainer videos, if planned well then it is well known truth that lot of startups acquire tons and tons of customers using this. We have listed top 10 live videos which created a good impact in explainer video industry.




Bode Animation Live Video (Promoted)








We may have missed some excellent videos, it is good to share in the startup video form which will be reviewed and included in the next release.

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