Startups! 3 ingredients for a break-through Media/ TV Campaign

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In this network era, just raising an initial profile for the brand through a media campaign does not cut the mustard anymore. You should organize to build an effective mind-blowing campaign that projectiles right from creating awareness and moves right into engagement as quick as possible. For a startup business such a break-through campaign can potentially skyrocket sales in the targeted market.

There are 3 secret lessons every startup must follow for producing that sparkling campaign and sweep the market by storm.

Be creative

    • Decide on the right type of production- a video, poster or a tagline. If its a video, then plan whether a live-action film or animated film. Judge the need of the hour and ascertain the media match for your brand. Radio though is safe for your budget cannot perform best for you. Television is the trendy media and can showcase your product to the global market.
    • A single production to feed that hour. One at a time can be your keyword to win the goal.
    • Make your campaign lucid that conveys a clear-cut insight of your brand.
    • Explain how you are unique and stand out from others. Precisely, show your USP.
    • Replay your brand name, logo and the URL to print your brand in viewer’s mind.
    • Bid the customers to respond and act by a compelling CTA.

Media Strategy

An ad that failed in grabbing the right audience attention at the right time cannot deliver its intended impact. Nor can an ad dispatched in the wrong geography can strike. So think twice and determine before posting.

      • Who are my audience?
      • Which media can give a throw?
      • Which channel is right for me?
      • Which program / slot will serve the need?
      • Push your sales targeting on smaller budget campaigns in mono-channels like radio. Strategize for a better reach with larger cross-media campaign that can result to a maximum exposure.
      • Aim to well allocate the timing by gaining the customer attention span with high frequency ads. For a relaxed,evening effect advertisement, television is the best choice and to reach to customers in morning routine, in the car or workplace radio comes to our rescue.

      Hence, your pick should carefully exploit the various media to resolve the target.

      FlipKart Ad

      SnapDeal Ad

      Track the Traffic

      A few measures are there to appraise the short-term sales uplift.
      TV has several tracking tools for assessing the traffic.The biggest and most obvious impact of TV-ads is the huge and instant response received. A response with a great crowd visiting the web site. The typing of the URL can serve as a single most important metric to track. If your direct traffic is not soaring up by over 80% and a part of direct traffic not jumping to a high 40’s you are answerable.
      If its an out-of-home campaign like hoardings and print media then QR codes can be sort to track the trail.

      Hence, we suggest you to adapt to all the 3 guidelines which can enable you to end up with that shining star campaign. Thanks for taking the time to travel with us. Leave your comments in the section below.

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