3 Fast Linkedin Sales Hack for new startup marketers.

Linkedin Sales Hack

Social-selling is hot, especially for startups who have no budget. But do we really sell our stuff using Facebook and Twitter. If it is B2B then no way, you have to look into Linkedin. Linkedin is a great sales tool. No wonder, even Fortune companies close deals via Linkedin. As a startup, sales will always hit your head once your products are out. These 3 fast hacks cannot skyrocket your sales but sure will let you go in the right path to get everything done faster in linkedin sales.

“Help the people in your network. And Let them help you.”      – Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

1. Connect with the Right customer but don’t jump to him!

In Linkedin, connect request is approved in 2 ways. One “I accept every request that comes to me” and the second “I validate before I accept”. Let us drop the first category, most of the decision makers come in the second category, but don’t jump to them directly.

Things that influence your connect approvals are:

  • Your Pic, Your Name and Your professional headline.
  • Do I have a common connection shared between?
  • Your Profile, but most of the approval happens based on the above 2.

My favorite sales guy who knows the perfect marketing tactics is Neil Patel Co-founder of CrazyEgg. You can very well see how better your headline can be.

Neil Patel Linkedin head

Don’t jump to your potential customer directly. It is better to go by second level and third level before accessing them, which gives a known feel than direct jump. The best way of doing this is to identify the Influencer in the specific industry. Most of the decision makers connected with Influencers say, “PR/Media coordinates are the most Influencers”.

2. Like or comment on your potential client with a trick.

Don’t comment or like all the posts shared by your potential clients, you will be easily identified as a sales guy. Also don’t comment or like on the most viral post you may be lost in the crowd. The best way to handle is “Like- where you get the attention of the potential customer”.

Like comment

3. Don’t waste your time in search

In Linkedin, we always waste our time in identifying the most valuable client or similar profile. Even Linkedin knows this well, that’s why they have this great feature “People also Viewed”. It is good to reach out relevant profile similar to your potential clients.

Linkedin Features

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