10 Video presentation tips for startups

      Nowadays, presenting effectively is a big challenge, because of “always online” culture. It is no shock that video is taking over the world! Whether you may be the keynote at an event, doing academic presentation, pitching to potential business partners or trying to virtually present your company’s core values then video will be the option to add extra values to your presentation.

Why video presentation?

      Video puts your audience aside from the everyday’s usual PowerPoint. With a video presentation, you can enrich your message and truly capture attention of your viewers and make your story memorable.

      Also being a face of your company on video is a great way of connecting with customers and giving an insight as to the personality and nature of your business. The following are some notable points on why to go for a video presentation:

  • Captures audience attention.
  • Builds credibility.
  • Produces simplified messages.
  • Determines your target audience.
  • Increase website conversion rates.
  • Improves website SEO.
  • Highly sharable.
  • Startup budget friendly.

Tips for using video:

      Define well your main objective before producing the video and dont go for video live for example. Some people tend to create the video, even without any thoughts on the script/concept, voiceover, video duration, and all. It is fine necessary to ask yourself like the following questions to prepare a perfect video for your presentation.

      Why do I need video for presentation? What do I want to achieve with it?

      Why should audience be interested? How will it be presented to my viewers?

      Do they already know about my topic? What is their level of knowledge or skill on my subject matter?

      What style or language can I use to explain the topic? Where do I need to put the videos?

      Tips before creating the video, for those who follow the major online trends,

  • Be clear with your video requirement
  • Nail the script
  • Speak about the pain & your solution
  • Don’t over focus on facts
  • Keep it short
  • Pick right production house

The following are some simple tips to have a good video presentation:

1. Start with a simple beginning:

      Start the video simple and exciting to engage your audience. Provide an outline that sets the pace. Explain the purpose of the video in one sentence to establish a strong and positive image on your business.

2. Be enthusiastic:

      Enthusiasm beats all of them and its absolutely contagious. So each of your audience will pick-up on your enthusiasm and receive your core message with full energy. This then discovers unexpected bonus for your business.

3. Explain your content with your audience in mind:

      Know your audience well enough to understand what is going to hold their attention best. Always remember that you are presenting video for your target audience, not for you. So without confusing them put your points, what they wants exactly.

4. Stay focused on the video message:

      In a way of presenting, bring your business core message to the listeners that actually make them to understand your product or service and the benefits it provides.

5. Test your video before presenting:

      Make sure your audiovisual equipments are working properly. Also, make sure the video set to the correct beginning point with the appropriate volume and with captions turned on.

6. Generate better discussions and engage attendees:

      With a video, raise questions in viewers mind or encourage them to comment and let them to have a discussion. Before that think/prepare for the questions that might be asked and provide clear answers to each. Engage your audience by telling stories, playing music in video and arrange for their feedback.

7. Have conversation:

      Include information’s and visuals that keep your audience engaged and have a conversation with them to immediately spark their interest. The conversation shared with the viewers will be the fuel that drives the advertising.

8. Create a learning experience to the viewers:

      By telling your business story make them feel “we learn as children” and with your call to action drive them to your website to learn all about your awesome feature.

9. Make audience to keep your presented resource in their memory:

      Video provides break and leaves the viewers to get impress. With purposeful video presentation capture your audience attention and ensure that they retain the information about your business.

10. Conclude with a strong ending:

      A video is a powerful tool to present your startup business stories. People remember what they have seen last. So make an ending with call-to-action statement that reinforces the objectives of the presentation.

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