10 Killer Tips to Startups Who Launch In the Next 2 Months


      Are you adding wings to your exciting project or product which you have been working for some time, and preparing it for a startup launch? If yes, then it’s an awesome idea! But if you intend to do in the next two month, then it is somewhat a tricky and tedious task. However adopting some smart and proficient strategies, will alleviate your burden, and help you to have your launch even at the earliest, wondering how? Well, this article throws some light on it.

1. Know your target audience

      You need to know your target crowd, if you say that your product is meant for all people, then perhaps you are lazy or fooling yourself. You need to make a scrupulous research and find out who would be the early purchasers of your product. You have to identify people who would select your product over something which they have previously experienced. You need to identify and know your competitors’ strength and weakness and show your target people in what way your product stands unique from your contestants.

2. Dispatch an eye – catching teaser

      Tease your audience with a compelling and attention grabbing campaign in the next few weeks. Code name, your teaser ads with some peculiar names and post it across all leading social networking platforms like face book, twitter, Google+ for the next 8 weeks, and create the required hype for your product. Keep your viewers under suspense by putting some blurred image of your logo or product image with “coming soon” signs. Make them think what is this all about? You can also share your products with your friends, followers, fans, in leading kick starter community platforms and get a good pitch.

3. Promote a thought provoking launch

      Another effective strategy to promote your launch is by using your own platform (blog or podcast) to tell the audience how to launch a product by using your launch as case study. A word of caution at this juncture you need to highlight on your product feature and not on your launch.

4. Would you wish to blow your own trumpet or allow others to do?

      If you happen to own a blog, podcast or any other platform, then you would probably be doing some guest host or blogger performance. But wouldn’t it be a great idea if you become the guest on your own blog? All you need to do is switch sides, and ask any of your guests, friends or some local celebrities to interview you for the next 8 weeks. You can do some workouts for your guest hosts, by preparing some queries which they can ask you.

5. Be lean

      Staying lean in the initial stages is highly recommended. Be innovative and focus on your objective like reaching the desired target audience, consumers, revenues, etc. Investing huge amount of money on your project can be a liability. So remain lean and when you start envisaging optimistic metrics, you can scale up.

6. Seed funding option – Angel or VC

      Have a startup launch with minimal investment, by opting for an Angel investor or by mobilizing funds among your friends and relatives. A significant benefit which you have by this type of funding is you can be the boss of your startup. The angel investors will not ask for any equity shares or a place in the board. However if you are confident that your product would give you the desired results, then you can go for a large scale, fully committed VC investment. But please be aware, a VC will not behave like an Angel, they will proclaim for a place in the board and also for the shares. So you need to play your card carefully while dealing with seed funding.

7. Protect your product

      Another vital aspect you need to do is to patent your project or product. There are probabilities, where another individual in the other corner of the world would have conceived and developed a project or product that would have some resemblance to your invention. Hence in order to avoid unnecessary complications; it is advisable to patent your product, so that you can have absolute control over your startup when it hogs the limelight. If you are resident of US, you can apply for patent at the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office).

8. Flexible business plan

      Devise your plan. This is not does not mean that you have to consider the revenue, you are going to generate. It is about your internal plan; how you are going to take your start up to the finish. When you wake up the next day, your plan may keep on changing; hence have some flexibility in your plan. When you are taking a leap, you may either soar to the desired heights or simply crash down, but you will not able to figure out, if you do not take any action.

9. Have a good rapport with your co-founder & workforce

      If any of your friends or relatives happened to be co-founders for your project or product, then you need to have a healthy rapport with them so that your startup launch turns out to be a success. Likewise you need to be careful when you are hiring people, we all are aware of the story of the Apple founder, Steve jobs. He was fired in a power struggle by people whom he hired. A few years later, Jobs was again welcomed by Apple, and that’s a different story. For a successful launch, you need to mobilize the appropriate workforce. Try to hire great talents and just get out for their way. Do not hinder often while they work and make them get irritated. Simply delegate the duties, and from a distance keep a constant vigil on them.

10. Video marketing – proficient tool for your startup launch

      Nowadays, the inboxes of angel investors and VCs are crammed with tons of startup proposals, so when you present them with lengthy text based proposal briefing about your product or project they get bored and may ignore you. “Less is more”, having a short and attractive 60 sec business explainer video that briefs about your product or project creates a profound impact on the investors. Moreover it also helps you to reach your targeted audience in a swift and efficient manner. Availing the services of leading customer friendly and affordable agencies like Bode Animation helps you to get quality, storytelling business explainer videos. These animated videos engage and educates the target audience about your product and helps you to get beneficial outcomes.

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